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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » John Bradshaw » John Bradshaw - Go All the Way

John Bradshaw - Go All the Way

John Bradshaw - Go All the Way
TOPICS: Every Word, Repentance

You wouldn't want to go half way up a mountain. Why would anyone paint half a picture? When I was a kid growing up, new owners moved into two big old houses near our home, one was renovated entirely in no time, beautiful, the other one, 40 years later, it still hasn't been completed, I kid you not. They only ever got half done. You really don't want to go halfway with God.

Proverbs 28:13 says, "He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy". Many people will confess their sins without forsaking them, that's going halfway, which honestly, is a whole lot like going nowhere.

Yes, confess your sins, but go further than that and forsake them, turn away from them, rely on God to deliver you entirely from the sins that plague you. That's going all the way. I'm John Bradshaw for It Is Written.
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