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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie - Don't Be Afraid

Greg Laurie - Don't Be Afraid

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Hey everyone. I am Greg Laurie. I am here in new jersey at the hoboken terminal. This is used by busses and trains and even a ferry as hundreds of people move through this building every single day on their way somewhere to go do something. Busy people. But here is something I know about every person everywhere. I don't care what country they live in. I don't care about their gender or their race or their socio-economic background. These things are true of every person everywhere.

Listen to this. Everyone is empty. That is right. Deep down inside of us there is like a big hole in our hearts. God made us that way. In fact the Bible says that creation was made subject to emptiness. Even those who have reached their dreams and have had great success are so miserable and despondent. You need to know that. Maybe you are one of those people that has all this world offers but you feel that emptiness right now.

Here is something else I know about every person. Everyone is lonely. You can be in a busy place surrounded by hundreds even thousands of people and loneliness will just sweep over you. Really you know what? It is a loneliness for God. Here is another thing I know about every person.

Everyone is guilty. Deep down inside we know we have done things that are wrong. We know that we have even sinned. We may not use that language yet but that is the truth of the matter. Listen. You feel guilty because well you are guilty. That means your conscience is working. Here is another thing I know about every person everywhere.

Everyone is afraid to die. But here is what the Bible tells us. God can fill that void in our lives so we will no longer be empty. God can be our best friend as well as our Savior and Lord so we will never be lonely again. God can forgive us of our sin removing that guilt and God promises that we can have life beyond the grave. That is what I feel called to tell people wherever I go. I am an evangelist and we hold these events called harvest crusades. And at the end of this program I want to talk to you about you too can have Jesus Christ come into your life.
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