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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — What Heaven Knows about Earth

Greg Laurie — What Heaven Knows about Earth

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What does the Bible say about heaven? Are people in heaven watching us, here on earth or are they too occupied with worshipping God to pay attention to us? Are the books and stories about people dying, going to heaven, and coming back to life on earth true? Pastor Greg answers these questions and tells how the answers can encourage us as we live in anticipation of Jesus' return.

Scripture makes it clear that the people in heaven - our friends and loved ones who've gone before us - keep up with what's going on here on earth! Does that surprise you? Pastor Greg Laurie points out how we can know that's true.

It's a question that comes up frequently in a study of Revelation. "Who are the 144,000?" Pastor Greg Laurie addresses that question. It's part of his eye-opening series called "Revelation: The Next Dimension.

What do the people in heaven know about what's going on here on Earth? An interesting question. Pastor Greg Laurie explains they may know a lot more about our lives than we've ever considered.

Is evil prevailing? Don't be fooled, Jesus will have his way and we win in the end! God wants all to be saved giving us opportunity with time, making way for repentance before judgment comes.
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