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Greg Laurie — The Events of the End Times

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A study of the End Times can be confusing. The tribulation, the antichrist, the rapture, the millennium... what are they, and which comes first? Pastor Greg Laurie addresses those questions in a fast-paced discussion with Bible scholar, Don Stewart.

Pastor Greg with special guest Don Stewart discuss current events, the future, and the afterlife. The enemy's objective is to use fear, chaos and modern technology. But God will intervene and we win because the battle belongs to the Lord.

Heaven is our future home... but so many of us know little about it. Pastor Greg Laurie and author Don Stewart help us discover biblical truth about our eternity. It's a riveting discussion!

Whatever is going on in the Middle East, it seems the world is hostile toward Israel. But Pastor Greg Laurie says it's important that we stand with Israel. He explains why with the help of Bible scholar Don Stewart. Tune in for a fascinating discussion!
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