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2021 online sermons » Greg Laurie » Greg Laurie — What Easter Means to You?

Greg Laurie — What Easter Means to You?

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Easter is for everyone--the devastated, discouraged, disappointed, and doubting. Pastor Greg brings everyone into the Easter story, taking the victorious resurrection of Jesus to a personal level. Jesus singled out certain people immediately after His resurrection and He does the same with each of us, meeting us wherever we may be.

Easter is the remembrance of a death and a Resurrection! It's a moving reminder of sin and the forgiveness paid for at Calvary. Pastor Greg Laurie helps us appreciate the full significance of the price Jesus paid.

Pastor Greg Laurie says Easter isn't just for church-goers. He says Easter is for doubters... skeptics who still have questions. He helps us all look at the real story of Easter and decide for ourselves what the Lord's death and Resurrection mean.
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