Greg Laurie — Beauty and the Beast

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Let's grab our bibles now and turn to Revelation 17. We are looking at a very bloody time on the face of the earth known as the great tribulation period. Fortunately we as christians will not be on earth during this time. We will have been caught up to meet the Lord in Heaven. You might say we are sitting this one out. I have called this message, "Beauty and the beast."

I am not going to tell you the disney story though I might sing the song for you at some point. Remember it was mrs. potts to little chip. Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme. I told you I am not going to sing that though. In many ways this story that we are looking at is like that. Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme. Beauty and the Beast.

Who is the Beast? That is the antichrist who is wracking havoc on planet earth. Who is the beauty? That is us. That is the church safely in heaven waiting to return again with the Lord. As we look at the things on planet earth things go from bad to worse.

A powerful religious deception has swept the planet described as Babylon. She is pictured as a prostitute riding a beast dressed in red. Babylon is a picture of Man's Kingdom. In many ways Babylon is what we might call a code word. It represents something else.

For instance when we say Madison Avenue we are not talking so much about that particular street in New York City. We are talking more about merchandising or publicity or promotion. When we use the word Hollywood we are not necessarily talking about the actual City of Hollywood. We are talking about the entertainment industry as a whole. When we use the phrase Wall Street we are talking about Commerce. The same is true of Babylon.

When we say Babylon we are speaking of something greater than a mere city. Babylon refers to the entire worldwide political, economic, and religious kingdom of the antichrist. Let me say that again. Babylon refers to the entire worldwide political, economic, and religious kingdom of antichrist.

Remember who is the beast or the antichrist. He is the devil's cheap imitation of the Messiah. The prefix anti not only means against. It also means instead of. Satan has his unholy trinity. He takes the place of God. Antichrist in the place of Jesus Christ. The false prophet in the place of the holy spirit.

In the same way there is an assassination attempt that apparently is successful on this powerful world leader the beast or the antichrist and he survives it.

They think he is dead and he is alive again. That is sort of the devil's version of the death and resurrection of Christ. After this happens according to revelation after the antichrist is wounded beyond recovery and his fatal wound is healed everyone marvels at this miracle and follows the beast in awe and they worship the dragon we are told that gives the beast his power.

They worship the beast saying is anyone as great as the beast? Full tilt devil worship breaks out after this so-called resurrection from the dead. So that is what the beast is doing. What is the beauty doing? Well we are up in heaven singing the hallelujah chorus.
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