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2021 online sermons » Derek Prince » Derek Prince - The Scripture Cannot Be Broken

Derek Prince - The Scripture Cannot Be Broken

Derek Prince - The Scripture Cannot Be Broken
TOPICS: God's Word

Now I come to the Bible because this is just as important as anything else in the Christian life. What is your attitude to the Bible? Is your attitude the same as that of Jesus? I just want to take one passage of John’s gospel. Chapter 10, verse 35. And I’m not going into the context because it would take quite a while to do so. But Jesus said: If he [that’s God], called them gods to whom the word of God came and the Scripture cannot be broken. That’s a very significant verse, because in it Jesus uses the two main titles for the Bible. The Word of God and the Scripture.

Now when it calls the Bible the Word of God it means that it proceeded from God it didn’t proceed from man. It may have come through human channels but it’s a word that comes from God. The phrase, the Scripture, is a limiting phrase. It means that which has been set down in writing. God has said many things which are not set down in writing. But by divine overruling the Bible contains those things which God said which He saw needed to be set down in writing. And that is the Scripture. That means that which is written. And concerning that, Jesus made one, simple, sweeping statement.

The Scripture cannot be broken. And you can argue as much as you like about the inspiration of the Bible or the authority of the Bible but Jesus has said it all. It cannot be broken. It is absolutely authoritive. It will be totally fulfilled. Everything in it will be exactly worked out. You can take your stand against it, you can deny it, but you cannot break it. In fact, if you deny it, ultimately it will break you. The Scripture cannot be broken. I think I’d like to ask all of you to say that together with me once. The Scripture cannot be broken.

Now turn and look to somebody next to you and say it to that person, looking them right in the eyes. The Scripture cannot be broken. All right! Now that’s something settled. You see, there’s a thing called the higher criticism which subjects the Scriptures to all sorts of ridiculous fantasies and ends up by making it really a totally ineffective book. If there’s one thing that the devil wants to do in your life and mine, it is to undermine our faith in the authority and accuracy of the Bible. But if we are like Jesus, we simply say: The Scripture cannot be broken. Did you hear me Satan? The Scripture cannot be broken.
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