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2021 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — The Heart

Creflo Dollar — The Heart

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We're right in the middle of having everything Jesus wants us to have, except we've dethroned Jesus, and we've replaced him with what we think is right and wrong based on what a bunch of people do and what a bunch of people say.

And one day you're gonna die, and when you open your eyes in a realm that you have not been in, then you're gonna see what you couldn't see when you were in your physical body. That's gonna happen one day. Just think ahead a little bit while you're trying to be smart and trying to be deep. "You all are pagans 'cause you all got a Christmas tree."

You know, I just don't think God cares. I don't have a Christmas tree because I'm pagan. I have a Christmas tree because, you know, as a kid, I enjoyed a tree. We couldn't even afford a real Christmas tree. We had to have a silver tree with a little round light with changing colors on it. I just wanted a tree, 'cause we wanted to have fun. It's not 'cause we just are pagan. I just wanted a tree. I don't think God gets concerned about whether or not you have a tree or not in your house. I don't think he concerned about it, 'cause if he got a problem with you having a tree in your house.

Godoggit you gotta get rid of the one in the yard. You gotta get all the trees out in the yard out the way. Just stop it. Stop it. "Well, you know, brother, you're gonna go to hell because, you know, you got those tattoos, and the Bible says that a man ought not to print nothing on his body." You're right. The Bible says this. It's in the Old Testament, and since Jesus has come and died, he's delivered us from all of the curses of the law.

We still get the blessings, but we don't get none of the curses, and so I just don't think heaven is really wasting any time deciding whether or not you're gonna get into heaven 'cause you like writing on your skin or you're writing on paper. I don't think heaven mind. I don't think God care. "Well, you got a Christmas tree in the house." I don't know. Get a toilet and put lights on it. I don't think he cares.

There are much more larger issues than tattoos and Christmas trees and meat. Stop it. "Well, I'll tell you what, brother. You're gonna be in hell by noon if you got that piercing on you." You know, I don't really think Jesus Christ of Nazareth, seated on the right hand of God the Father Almighty, seating up there and saying to the angels, "Bring me back everybody that got tattoo and piercing." "Why?" "We're sending them to hell."

Over a tattoo, over a earring, over earring? I'm influenced by the Word, I'm thinking the Word, I'm living the Word, but I'm gonna go to hell 'cause I wrote something on my arm. Stop it. "Well, Brother Dollar, am I gonna go to hell because I smoke cigarettes?" For real? 'Cause we're so used for all the church do is condemn people. We find out what they're doing and condemn it. We forget that when Jesus saved you, that eventually your behave is gonna fall in line, but we just like crucifying folks right where they are, as if you got saved and was perfect the next hour, as if you ain't working on nothing right now.

We know you're working on something. You just figured out how to hide it a little bit better than everybody else. I don't think the Holy Ghost cares. "Well, the Bible says the body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, and you're filling it up with smoke." Is it healthy? Probably not. Is it gonna send you to hell? No. Could it cause some issues in life? Yeah, probably. Are you going to hell? No. Could you go to heaven probably quicker? Probably.

Stop. Stop. This is not the Jesus that we serve. Somebody lied to you about who he is. If you get saved and just believe him and work the system, then all of the influences will change your destination. It will change your behavior. Give God's seed enough time to grow in a person's life, and they'll be all right.

I know you want me to sit up here and say, "You're going to hell for this. You're going to hell for that." I can't do that no more. Why? 'Cause it ain't true. 'Cause when you get to heaven, you're gonna find some smokers that you knew, you're gonna find some tattoos all around heaven, you're gonna find units all over the place in heaven. You just need to stop all this foolishness and recognize that we have a Savior that has saved us from our sin, and if he can save you from your sin, he can save you from your cigarette, he can save you from your cocaine, he can save you from your addiction, if you'll influence yourself with his Word.

Stop it. Quit putting fear in people. Quit beating people up. Stop it. Give people a shot. Give 'em a chance before you became the holy police person. Stop it. Stop. Everybody gonna be all right. Why? 'Cause they got seed in the ground, and that seed is working, hallelujah? And that seed is maturing, hallelujah?

And that seed is changing their thinking. That seed is changing their feelings. That seed is changing their decisions. That seed is changing their actions. That seed is changing their habits. That seed is changing their character. That seed is changing their destination. Shut up and let the seed do the work.
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