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Creflo Dollar — Supernatural Manifestation

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I wanna talk to you about five elements for supernatural manifestation. We are children of the supernatural, therefore we should be experiencing the supernatural. We are not going to be limited by what can take place in the natural. We must understand that we have access to the supernatural and we don't have to put ourselves in the position where we are dependent upon what's just going on in the natural.

And let me go ahead and give you these five elements, 'cause I got this strange feeling we ain't gonna get to all of 'em. Ain't no telling what's 'bout to blow up in this place.

Number one, if you wanna see the manifestations of the supernatural, you're gonna have to understand how to believe and receive.
Number two, you're gonna have to understand how to believe in the love of God.
Number three, you're gonna have to understand the grace of God.
Number four, you're gonna have to understand where faith fits with all of this.
Number five, you're gonna have to understand and reignite your authority as a believer.

Because when you talk about believing that you receive, it's also believe that I receive, and command, and release the power of God. So, let's begin by dealing with this area of believing and receiving. Sounds so simple, but I wanna challenge you in some areas here.

The thing that we do understand is that "Jesus, full of grace and truth." Grace is not just a teaching or a curriculum, it is Jesus Christ as a person. And the grace of God has already made everything available that we'll ever need in our life. It's already been done. And we've got to get to the place where we believe that it's already been done.

It's not enough to just kinda have it floating in your mind. "Well, yeah, praise the Lord, it's already been done." No, it's already been done. Healing is a finished work, deliverance is a finished work, prosperity is a finished work. It was finished 2,000 years ago. It's already done.

If you don't come to the place of believing that, you will find yourself contradicting that religiously. You'll find yourself saying, you know, "Oh God, if you can do this now." No, God didn't heal you the day you found out you were sick. We've got to begin to move in that place where it is a done deal, it's already finished, it's already done, and I believe that it's already finished and it's already done.

When you do that, you're gonna respond differently, because you're attitude and you begin to see this is a finished work, this is already done. I am not approaching God trying to get him to do what he's already done. Now I'm approaching God differently. So, you approach God thinking that you're having to do something to get him to do something for you instead of you recognizing that this is a finished work. It has already been done.

I tell you what, that will impact your life like you just wouldn't realize if you would just begin to realize the thing that I say I need is already done. It's already been provided. It's already been taken care of. Now, all of a sudden, your faith has something to go and get because it's already done. I am the healed. I'm not trying to get what he's already given. He says, "You were healed." It's already done.

So, I've got to believe it's a done deal. I gotta preach to people it's a done deal. I can't preach to people, "Well, you know, this happening in your life is going to be based on what you do to try to get this to happen."

Now, let's make sure we understand, what Jesus did for us healed us, delivered us, all the things he did for us through his blood, he did it as a favor. We've gotta believe it's already done. So, right now, just say, "I believe it's already done. I believe in the finished works of Jesus. It is finished."

Now, how many of you know nothing just happens. The will of God is not just gonna automatically come to pass. God's very clear in his will. Healing is his will. Deliverance is his will. Prosperity is his will. But it's not just gonna automatically come to pass, and that's why I wanna talk about these elements today. What is it that we need to do to get into cooperation with God in order to see these things comes to pass.

You know, I'm hungry to see believers walk in the manifestation of the finished works of Jesus Christ. I'm hungry for that, but sometimes my heart really goes out to 'em because of their failure to understand what they need to do to cooperate with God so they can see these things manifested. There's a way we cooperate with him in order to see things come to pass.

His will's very clear, like Matt was talking about. His will is clear, but how do I get the finished works of Jesus to manifest in my life? Well, first of all, you know, just to answer that real quickly, God has to have a believer, somebody he can flow through. Amen? He's gotta have a believer, somebody he can flow through.

Secondly, he's gotta have somebody, a believer who knows the promises of God or a believer who knows the spiritual laws that govern the kingdom of God. As a believer, I need to get in the Word. As a believer, I need to know what the Word says.

I'm not reading the Bible to get brownie points from God. I'm reading the Bible so I can continue to discover what has been made available to me. I'm reading the Bible. I'm getting in the Word. I'm at these meetings. Even as preachers, I wanna continue to understand the laws that govern the kingdom. I wanna understand the promises of God.

So, he needs somebody who knows the promises of God, who knows spiritual law. But then that's not the only thing. The third thing he needs is somebody who will release their authority to enforce those spiritual laws that he understands. It's not to the point where you're saying, "Well, I know God wants to heal me." Now you gotta go to the next stage and say, "Am I willing to release my spiritual authority to enforce what I know the will of God is?"

It requires that. God limited his own authority by giving you the authority as a human physical being to operate on this planet, and there's certain things that you just won't see manifested without your cooperation to command certain things to come into being. I am the healed right now, but you know what you're gonna have to do? You're gonna have to say, "Because I know that is a spiritual law and the promise of God," you're gonna have to come to the place where you say, "I command my body to submit."

Well, that's just releasing your: "I command healing that's already been finished to be manifested in my body in the name of Jesus." And then things begin to take place. Well, that happens in every area of your life. It happens in the area where your finances are concerned. You look at your finances and you just kinda, "Oh God," you know, "Oh Jesus, this..." But you haven't released your authority.
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