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Watch 2022 online sermons » Craig Smith » Craig Smith - Promise-Keeping

Craig Smith - Promise-Keeping

Craig Smith - Promise-Keeping
TOPICS: He Said What?, Promises

Jesus may be the most frustrating man to have ever lived because he consistently challenged people to take their lives to the next level. Getting comfortable meeting the minimum standards is never an option for those who choose to follow Jesus. As part of his famous “Sermon on the Mount” message, Jesus upped the expectations on serious, real life issues like anger, lust, marriage, and promise-keeping, causing even the most religious people of his day to sit up and exclaim, “He said what?!”

Now, let’s just pause here for a minute because what Jesus does here is a little different than what he’s been doing up to this point. See, up to this point, the pattern Jesus has been following has been to quote a single Old Testament law. But here, instead of quoting one law, he actually summarizes several Old Testament laws that revolve around what we might call swearing… tune in to hear Craig break down Jesus’ standards here on promise-keeping.
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