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2021 online sermons » Dr. Bill Winston » Bill Winston - Faith for the Supernatural

Bill Winston - Faith for the Supernatural

Bill Winston - Faith for the Supernatural
Bill Winston - Faith for the Supernatural

Transformation, for the most part, has not been taught. When I say that, I mean this, that there were two parts to it. Go ye in all the world and what? Preach the gospel to every creature. Over here in Matthew 28, he said, "Make disciples". Say amen to this. So we got a double edged piece here. We've got to not only get them saved. Say amen to this. But we've got to teach them how to live. You got what I'm saying? Now, this whole idea of how to live is not so much a how to live sitting up in church. This is how to live out there in the world. Say amen. God deliberately plants the righteous among the wicked and when you and I get born again, then I understand salvation but you've got something called eternal life.

Now, in eternal life, that means you've got the whole package. I said you've got the whole package. So, everything that Jesus died to provide, you've got it. You don't need to beg God for healing because it's already yours. I said healing is already yours, and deliverance and everything else that you might want. So, what has to happen is we've got to understand God's bill of rights. We have to understand what he's given us and these things that he's given us, we have got to make them manifest.

Now, what I did is I was talking about getting some barbecue on the South Side of Chicago. So, what happened is standing in line to get the barbecue and this lady got her barbecue. Just a little window, you know? Eat it and beat it, and so she got it. She got her barbecue and she walked away, but she opened the bag and saw that the bread was missing. I said, the bread was missing. So she went back and pushed the person who was next out of the way and said, "Excuse me, excuse me". Now the guy, you know, just one guy back there cooking and selling and doing everything. She said, "Does bread come with this"? Now, she didn't say it like that. She said, "Do bread, do bread, do bread come with that? Does bread come with this"? Well, he had forgotten to put a bread in there, and I'm saying he said, "Forget not all" what? Come on, these benefits...

See, you've got to get everything Jesus died to provide. Satan wants you to leave your bread. Come on now, Satan wants you to get saved but stay sick. Come on. He wants you to get saved, but your marriage still a wreck. He wants you to get saved but broke as an I don't know what. My point to you is bread comes with this. Everything comes with eternal life. It means I'm gonna live here just like I would there and no sickness is in heaven. Say amen to that. No poverty and lack are in heaven. Say amen to that. I'm not talking about just coming up to some mediocrity. I'm talking about this whole idea.

I think Bishop Tudor Bismarck used the term called "extravagant". Didn't he use the term? Do you know some Christians back off of that term. You know why? Because we've brought the world into the church. We're trying to make something stretch. God ain't said nothing about make something stretch. There is plenty in God's house. You don't need to make nothing stretch. God's got more than you know what to do with. I'm talking about for you. Watch this, and for whoever you minister to. He's got enough. See, somehow we've thought this shortest thing. Now, the enemy is behind that because he's hoping that you'll leave the earth, praise the Lord, and go on on to heaven and leave him with the stuff, but I've got good news for you. Christians are waking up. There is a group that's coming up like you that don't care what people think.

Come on, that won't take down on the gospel. Come on now, that's gonna live a holy life. There is a group coming up that are not ashamed of the gospel. There is a group coming up, said my name is Jimmy and I'll take all you give me. I'm telling you, there is a group coming up. We're gonna clean house. Everything Satan stole from your grandmama's mama... I'm here to tell you folks we're about to clean house. Everything God's gonna show you stuff back to 10 generations that you gonna say, "Satan, you took that and you took that". The Bible says, "If the thief be found, if the thief be found, if the thief be found, he gonna have to give his whole house".m Now, we're about to break the house. Now, if you're with me, say amen.

Look what he says here. "I am sure that the king of Egypt will not let you go". This is God talking to Moss. No, not by a mighty hand. I'm sure of it. I'm sure that Pharaoh won't let you go. Now, Pharaoh had the disposition of the devil. The devil won't let you go. I'm sure he got you in debt. He won't let you go. I am sure he's got your marriage in trouble. He won't let you go. I am sure that he's got you, whatever have, he won't let you go. Now look at the next verse. He said, "Not by my hand. I'll stretch out my hand and smite Egypt with all my wonders, which I will do in the midst and after that, come on". He will let you go. I said he will let you go. This year, you're gonna be let go. This year, I'm talking about before Christmas. You're gonna be let go. I'm talking about your finances gonna be let go. I'm talking about that sickness in your body, it's gonna have to go. I'm talking about that, whatever it is, you will be let go.

Next verse, please. He said this, "And I'll give those people favors". Come on, say favor. "The sign of old Egyptians and it shall come to pass. When you go, you will not go empty". Come on, bread comes with this. "Every woman shall borrow of her neighbor and everyone that sojourneth in her house, jewels of silver, jewels of gold. and raiment and you shall put them on your sons and upon your daughters. Glory to God, and you shall spoil the Egyptians".

What does spoil mean? I said what does spoil mean? You know, I was a young kid and we used to go visit my grandmother, and they lived in the country. It was time for Sunday coming up and my grandmother would fix a chicken dinner, you know? For dinner. They didn't have supermarkets because they were out in the country, so they'd have to kill the chicken. So the chicken would be, he had no idea that his time had come. They'd have to run the chicken down, you know? They'd have to run the chicken down, and then they'd run him down and grab the chicken and then what is known as ring its neck. They'd ring his neck. Now, I had never seen that. I said, "Man, poor chicken". But then she'd take him and then put him in some hot water. Very hot water.

Come on, old school. Old school in here know what I'm talking about. Put it in some hot water and then pull it up and they would do what to the chicken? They would pluck this chicken and it's amazing, after the chicken been plucked, you'd see that little old... chicken. Man. What happened to the chicken? I'm saying only reason Pharaoh is that big, he's got your stuff, and I'm saying when we pluck it, he is broke. We're about to pluck the world's, we're about to pluck Satan. We're about to take back everything that belongs to God's people. This is your year of jubilee. Glory to God. Sit down. Bread comes with this.

Now, these are some of the rights that you have. Look over here at Isaiah chapter 32. In Isaiah chapter 32, look at verse 18. I'm just read this, "And my people shall dwell in peaceable habitation". That means nobody's supposed to be shooting outside your house. Are you following what I'm saying? I can go down this list because what has happened here is Satan is a negotiator and he's tried to get us to back up on God's promise and negotiate us out of part of it. Say amen to this. So what we have to do is we have to find out where did we negotiate? What did he take? What deceptively did he steal? And go get it. I said and go get it and take it back. Now look what he says here. I ran up on this scripture.

Psalm chapter 2 and verse 8. Glory to God. Over in Psalm 2, verse 8, he says, "Ask of me and I'll give you the," what? Heathen for thine inheritance and what else? The uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession, but what'd he have to do first? You've got to ask for it. Psalm 24 and verse 1. "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof," and what? "The world and they that dwell therin". Now what am I saying here? Here comes the devil and he is gonna put his people in charge and bless their hearts. They don't know they're being deceived because that's what Jesus said. "Father, forgive them," come on, "for they know not what they do". So they pass a law that takes the Bible out of the schools.

Now, do you believe that was the will of God? No. What is the only institution that could stop that? Can make... You, praise God. You know what I'm about to say. I'm saying it's not just that, folks. If you just spend some time with God, he'll show you every place that the church has given up land for a mess of pottage. They somehow have given over to the enemy what he shouldn't have. Say amen to this. When I look at Jesus and his life, he said, "The things that I do, shall you do also". I'm just seeing all that he did. Jesus stopped storms. Didn't he stop storms? Jesus, glory to God, raised the dead. Didn't he raise the dead? Now, are we supposed to be doing that?

I'm saying somewhere we've got to swing into motion. When I was a kid growing up, when I got my driver's license, we would get our parents' car and we'd go out and meet at the old airport and we'd try to hot rod. We'd drag race, but there was a guy named Top Cat and TC. TC had an old car and he'd bring it out on the line and we'd get the flag dropped and we'd take off. He'd beat us by a country mile. I mean, he was winning all the money. What you'd say is, "TC, let me see what you got under there". You lift it up and it's all new.

Can't you see what I'm saying? I'm saying you might look like the old model but if I can go inside your spirit, everything's new. Everything's new. You've got stuff that the world does not have. I said bread comes with this. So in my life, I want to make sure that I'm getting everything God has for me. Say amen to that. So, I looked at some of the things that you can get here. You're not supposed to be broke. Come on. You can get debt free. I'm talking about by Christmas, this year. I'm talking about every mortgage. Come on, every mortgage. Every mortgage paid in full. Now, this is not for everybody, but you might want a husband. I said this is not for everybody, didn't I say that before when I came in? I'm telling you, you can get that.

Now, make sure that that's what you want. Okay? You're not supposed to leave here early, you're supposed to leave here living long and strong. Say amen to this. The only thing I'm doing now, I'm just wrapping this up because you have supernatural faith. I said you have supernatural faith. Alright, now, God is leading you into things that are too big for you. He's doing it on purpose because it's not too big for him, but the difference is he doesn't work unless you rest. If you work, he rests. So, I had to find out that as I'm being led into these places, faith is a rest, and that I'm gonna have to use my faith and believe that God is gonna do his part. Glory to God.

Can I talk to you a minute here? I'm not just getting folks saved. I'm getting folks discipled so that they can change the culture of the environment that they are living in. Say amen to that. That is the power of the gospel. It can virtually change the law. I said the gospel can change the law. There are unjust laws on the books and the gospel can change them. Folks, we can put ourselves together. We can bind ourselves together and change it. Lord, have mercy. Now, I'm gonna talk on another level here. Y'all got me down here and I'm talking, I want to see the church manifest the glory. You can stop storms. The Bible says, "What is man that thou art mindful of him"?

You've got to understand when God made this man, he made him like God. He had the same DNA, the same genetic constitution, everything that God had. He had the same desires as God. He saw himself a ruler and Jesus came to get us back there, that we are the image of God. Say amen to that. Now being the image of God, when Jesus stopped that storm, he looked at them and said, "Why didn't you do it"? Are you following what I'm saying? I'm saying you and I, we've got some abilities here that we're trying to feel. Don't try to feel nothing. Just get out there in the middle of the dirt and just tell the storm what to do.

Let's start practicing this thing. If it don't work the first time, it'll work the second time. Just get on out there and speak to that thing. Come on now. Get your wallet, put it on the table and speak to the thing. Say, "Hey, fill up in the name of Jesus. I command right now". Just crazy stuff. Just stuff, come on, come on. I'm trying to be logical now. I ain't got time for logic. Come on, somebody gonna have to put at something. Somebody gonna have to say something. Come on. Somebody have to tell the devil, "Come from here and go over there and sit down". I'm just saying this is what we've got to do, folks. We've got to go take nations.

Now, every nation's supposed to come under the kingdom. That's our job, to take it to every nation, and I'm telling you, I'm gonna raise up a group of people. I don't care who, what, anybody says. I'm gonna raise them up to take some nations. I'm telling you, I saw that man in Luke chapter 16. The Bible says, "He sat outside the gate and he was a beggar and had sores and he sat outside the gate begging," and the Bible says he desired to be fed with crumbs. Desired to be fed with what? Crumb. What will God give you? The desires, come on, of your heart. So don't desire crumbs. Don't come that way. Come on. Bread comes with this, man.

Come on, I desire the best. I want the best that he got up in here. I want this community to have no murders in the name of Jesus. I'm talking about I got something to say about this. There is a need for the body of Christ to stop acting like slaves and come on in to daddy's house. Come on, and act like the father. Jesus said, "When you see me, you see the father and the things that I did, you shall do also". Come on, "In greater works". Folks, we just don't want television that works, we want the satellite. Come on, come on now. Someone think big and don't try to bounce your vision off your provision because that's why a lot of people, it shorts out your vision.

Next thing you say is, "Well, I don't have that much money". What money got to do with it? Come on now. God told you to ask and I'm just saying what happens sometimes is we look at the little money that we might have and then it brings our vision either down to that level or it shorts it out all the way. You say, "Oh, forget that". Don't forget it. Listen, God has plenty in his house and most of what he's got in there has got your name on it. It's time for us to collect. Now, get your vision back up there where it's supposed to be.
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