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Bill Winston — Knowing Your Authority

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You are not get a little bit above Satan, you don't need to speak to him. But watch, you are not get a little bit above it, you are far, far, far... I mean, it goes to the extreme. Now, where you gotta put that? In your mind. See, you gotta see yourself... wait a minute, this thing can't come on me. It's far "above principality and power and every", what? Name! Name something. Cause whatever it is, you're far, far, far above. That mean, your authority far exceeds, what trying to come on you.

Well it's vital for you to know and understand your authority as a believer in this earth. Now God has given us authority. When he first created Adam, he said let them have dominion. That means, he drew a line and he himself can't cross that line, without our permission, that's what he did. And so, now if you don't know your authority in this earth, and the fact that you can say things and God can come in, on your behalf, then that enemy will take that authority and he'll try to get you to say things: "Well, I can't ever save any money", "My feet are killing me". You'll try to get your authority and use your mouth to whip you with it. Well, he's not gonna do that with you. Let's go into it, let's learn more about this idea of spiritual warfare.
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