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Tony Evans — Water in God's House

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But if God could ever build up his church and make us the people he has created us and recreated us in Christ to be, it won't mean there is no evil in the culture, it means it won't be able to do everything it plans to do, 'cause it's coming up against the kingdom of God and the church of Jesus Christ. It's coming up with God-built levees.

I'm excited to come to you today, but this is also a challenging time and a challenging series, because you can just look around us, and we're kind of involved in the devolution of a nation.

Things are falling apart at rapid speed. And unless things turn and turn quickly toward God, collapse is inevitable. So that's why we're doing this series, Turning a Nation to God.

And we're gonna start off by talking about water in God's house. Because it depends on what happens in God's house that will determine what happens everywhere else. Let's get to the Word of God and see what it means to have water in God's house.
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