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Tony Evans — Waiting on God

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Some of you here today, you may be in the checkout line. You may be wanting to throw in the towel on God. You may be wanting to give up because you've waited too long. Just do me a favor. Before you check out, check up 'cause God may turn things around when he sees you are fully committed to him.

Do you ever get tired of waiting on God? He's taking too long? It feels like he's taking a nap, he's taken the phone off the hook, doesn't want to be disturbed, and you call on him and heaven is silent?

Well, a lot of folks have had to wait on God throughout Scripture, including Joseph. In fact, he had to wait, the Scripture says, until the time. God controls the clock and we don't, and that can be a little irritating, frustrating.

You know, we don't like to admit it 'cause it doesn't sound spiritual, but we all know it's real. But when God is silent, he is not still. We're not waiting for nothing, we're waiting for something, even though we don't know what the something is.

Let's go to the Scripture and find out what waiting on God looks like, what it looked like in Joseph's life and what it looks like in yours and mine.
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