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» » Tony Evans — The Reassurance of a Heavenly Perspective

Tony Evans — The Reassurance of a Heavenly Perspective

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God is not complaining that you've been blessed, that he's given you this, that, or the other. He just wants to make sure that you're more rich up there than you are down here so when down here fails, you've got something to withdraw from up there because you're rich toward God and not merely seeking to be punked by the Gentiles.

We're in the midst of a series called, "The Eternal Perspective," because we want you to see how to live a heavenly life in a hellish world.

How do you bring heaven's perspective into your history? Well, today, we're gonna talk about, From Heaven to Earth, how the mindset from above controls the feet here below so that you have a heavenly existence although your surroundings may not be heavenly.

We're gonna look at Colossians chapter 3 because that gives us that perspective. So join me and the Apostle Paul and let's find out how to bring heaven down to earth.
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