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2021 online sermons » Dr. Tony Evans » Tony Evans — The Good News of the Gospel

Tony Evans — The Good News of the Gospel

TOPICS: Gospel

But to the person who places faith alone in Christ alone for the forgiveness of sins and the gift of Jesus Christ and the gift of eternal life, a reverse credit occurs. God takes the righteousness of Christ, his perfection, and credits it to our account. I am on my way to heaven by credit.

I'm glad to be with you again, looking forward to our time together in the Word of God. You know, we're in the midst of the Eternal Perspective series, but today, I want to just kind of break into it.

And given the season we're in, remembering the resurrection, I want to just remind you about the good news of the gospel.

You know, we talk about the gospel, we refer to it, but I want to make sure everyone understands it and appreciates it because it is good news against the backdrop of some really bad news.

Romans summarizes it for us, so let's go to God's Word and find out this Easter resurrection season why the gospel is so good.
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