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Tony Evans — The Celebrity-Ship of Jesus Christ

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So since the question is not "If you're gon' bow," but "When you're gon' bow" you see, you're not gonna have a choice later. You do have a choice now. Your pilgrimage on this Earth gives you the choice to answer the question, "What will you do with Jesus, who is called the Christ?"

This is Dr. Tony Evans with The Urban Alternative, and today we're gonna talk about The Celebrityship of Jesus Christ. You know, we live in a day of celebrity worship almost, where we prop up great names of great people who do great things, but there's a name above every name.

There is the celebrity of the universe, and that's Jesus Christ. What makes him such a unique celebrity? Well, there's a whole passage in the Bible that talks about why, when it comes to recognizing somebody, his name should be the name at the top of your list. Let me show you why.
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