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Tony Evans — The Purpose of Detours

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Each of us has a destiny given to us by God. God leads us toward that destiny, but He never takes us there in a straight line. Rather, He takes us on detours off the main path for the purpose of maturing us and preparing us for that destiny so that when we arrive, we will be equipped for the greatness that He has planned for us.

The Christian message, when communicated from a comprehensive Kingdom perspective, provides an agenda that can stand next to and above all other attempts to define the meaning of life, whether for the individual, the family, the church, or the nation.

A Kingdom agenda based on God's Word — rather than a secular agenda based on man's word — is the best way to make all of life work as our Creator intended. This six-session Bible study can serve as a comprehensive blueprint for the Christian life and as an all-encompassing discipleship tool.
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  1. Archie Donnachie
    12 February 2019 23:06
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    How do I get the study material for a group of small groups?