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Tony Evans — The Proof of Detours

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How can you be letting me go through this? How can you let me go through this if in fact you care? It looked like it was the right person, it looked like it was the right job, it looked like it was the right financer, it looked like it was a blessing, it looked like. And now, it's going left on me. You're right smack dab where God wants you to be.

Hello friends, Tony Evans here, and excited to be with you as we are launching into a brand-new year. And we're getting ready for it because this series is to help you to handle the unexpected in your life that takes place this year, called "Detours."

When God allows us to go in unexpected places, with unexpected twists and turns, just like he did in the life of Joseph. 'Cause we're using Joseph as the template for understanding how God's sovereignty works in our lives to move us about in ways we didn't plan on to get us where he wants us to be.

Today, we're going to talk about The Proof of Detours. How do you know you're on one? How do you know you're in one? How can you be absolutely sure that this is a divinely designed detour for your good? Let's find out from the life of Joseph just what those proofs look like.
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