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Tony Evans — The Promotion of Detours

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If you want God to take you high, then you got to let God take you deep. Because the deeper he takes you, the higher he can take you, and you won't fall over when the bad times comes. Don't give up on God 'cause God has not given up on you.

Welcome friends, this is Tony Evans with "The Alternative," and I am delighted to be with you again as we go through this series on Joseph, because we're discussing in his life, for the benefit of our life, why God takes us on detours.

We want you to be challenged to understand the ins and outs, and the reason why God doesn't take you to your destiny in a straight line. But along the way, he allows us to experience some promotions in the midst of our detours.

You say, "Well, what do you mean?" Come on, join me. Let's find out from the life of Joseph.
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