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2021 online sermons » Dr. Tony Evans » Tony Evans — The Detours of Pardon

Tony Evans — The Detours of Pardon

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So don't let the fact that the person who has hurt you has neither asked for forgiveness, desired forgiveness, don't care about forgiveness, because you're not willing to be held hostage to the offense. And therefore, by an act of your decision, you release them so you can keep going to your destiny.

Forgiveness is a big deal in the Bible. It's a big deal in life. I's a big deal with God. It cost Jesus his life to provide us a basis for forgiveness, and it is critical to understand your detours, particularly where you've been wronged and it hurts so bad.

That's what happened to Joseph, and he had to learn why forgiveness would be critical in order to come out of his detour and wind up in the place where God wanted him to be. It's critical for Joseph, it's critical for us. That's why, right now, w're going to look at the parting of detours.
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