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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Dr. Tony Evans » Tony Evans — Woman, Time to Straighten Up

Tony Evans — Woman, Time to Straighten Up

TOPICS: Mother's Day

So I got good news for anybody in here who been bound. I want you to consider that maybe this is a spiritual issue. Maybe it's not all about all the other stuff you've been doing that's not working. Maybe there's a demon who has made himself at home and you have been his hospitality committee.

You have been his host, and he is now free to roam in your world, and you've done everything but get Jesus on the main line when you're sitting right next to Him.

Today, I want to wish all of our mothers "Happy mother's day." It wasn't too long ago that I lost my own mom, and so I feel what it feels like to not have my mom here. So if you have your mom with you, then you need to call her or hug her or kiss her, and make sure you send some chocolates and some flowers, too, and wish her a very happy mother's day.

We have a challenge. We have a challenge for women today. It's called Time to straighten up. We're gonna talk about a lady who was bent over by life's circumstances, but who Jesus Christ straightened out her life.

A mother's day gift for you, to have a straight life coming straight from the savior. Let's get to god's word and find out what this story is all about.
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  1. Gary Murray
    27 February 2021 04:18
    + -1 -
    I really enjoyed this message and i learned a lot .