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Watch 2022 online sermons » Dr. Tony Evans » Tony Evans — Understanding Kingdom Sexuality

Tony Evans — Understanding Kingdom Sexuality

TOPICS: Sexuality

One of the proofs that you are growing in your faith is your ability to manage your sexuality. He says, "I pray that you are all sanctified and that you're demonstrating that through abstaining from immorality." So, one of the key proofs you're growing into your faith is sexual management.

And I'm excited about the sensitive subject we're going to talk about today, kingdom sexuality. You know, the issue of sex dominates our culture, our media, you know, social media. It comes up in all kind of ways. And yet God has spoken on the subject and he really hasn't stuttered.

And we need to adapt ourselves to his will and his word, not to what the culture is pressuring us and demanding of us. So, let's get right into this topic and let's see what

God has to say about what he himself created. And that is sex and the sexuality that connects to it. He has a definitive word. Let's find out exactly what that is.
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