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Tony Evans — Power in Your Palate

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Your greatest enemy is actually in your mouth.The tongue has more power to quickly destroy your life than anyone or anything else. Whether it's a harsh word spoken to your spouse, a verbal explosion to a boss, or even a social media rant, our words can be instruments of death. But, as an image bearer of Christ, your highest calling is to model with your mouth the character of God.
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  1. Shirley C. Cowder
    15 February 2020 21:23
    + 0 -
    Power in Your Palate is not playing all the way through. It stops at the same place every time.
      16 February 2020 00:18
      + 0 -
      Where it stops? At what time? I tried now and all work fine from my side. Can you give more information about moment playing stops?