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Tony Evans — Moses: The Murderer God Used

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In Exodus chapter 2 Moses murdered Egyptian and flee out Egypt when the secret of the killing leaked out to Pharaoh. The Bible described Moses as a stammerer and it has been proven overtime that stammerer are usually hot tempered. Moses action came as a result of being hot tempered.

Having this weakness and negative sign, God still made use of Moses as a leader to the children of Isrealites. Have we ever thought why God did not punish Moses more severely for such an act? After all, isn’t murder still murder? And, despite such an heinous act, God still chose to use Moses in a mighty and outrageous way.

Why does God choose to use any of us to accomplish his will? The short answer to that question is that God is gracious and love. He thus work his ways out using imperfect vessels such as us. God is able to use us, to accomplish his will. Our failures and past actions in no way prove as hindrances for God ability to use us.

Moses, who was pointed out in the message, was a murderer and was still made use of by God.

Stop condemning yourself for the past mistakes or sin! God indeed can use you. Be blessed as you listen after the cut.
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