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Tony Evans — Living Faith

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Sometimes in life we struggle with the question, “Does God make sense?” The widow of Zarephath wrestled with this question when her son became sick and later died. When Elijah prays over the boy and he is brought back to life, the widow’s faith is restored in the God of Elijah.

Dr. Evans helps us to have an attitude of faith (believing God is telling the truth) in the midst of trials and bad circumstances. The major key is to never let your circumstances determine your theology. During times of difficulty, rely on others to help be your burden bearers and to intercede on your behalf before God about your situation.

Finally, even in the midst of your trials, be willing to not only talk with God about your problems, but ask Him to help you be the solution to someone else’s problem as well. Whether you are Elijah (the one God uses to meet the need) or the widow (the one who has the need) your faith will be activated to a new level as you see the power of faith in your life.
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