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Tony Evans — A Challenge to Faithfulness

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Don't let folk who are goin' down keep you from maximizing going up. Don't let them do that. Your commitment must be to me. And when you fail, dust off, confess, repent, get up, and go on the road to faithfulness.

Welcome to "The Jesus Challenge." Hello, this is Dr. Tony Evans with "The Urban Alternative," and I am so pumped up about this series because this is a kind of in-your-face conversation with Jesus Christ, and he's challenging his people to be what he has redeemed them to be and to become.

And today's challenge is about being faithful. Faithfulness is a big deal with God. It's a big deal with people. And so, let's see this challenge that Jesus Christ wants to give me and you and us individually and collectively about what it means to be faithful and why it matters to be faithful.
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  1. Svette Rushing
    27 March 2018 06:18
    + 0 -
    Hello, I'd love to know if the Jesus Challenge addresses each of the 7 churches of Revelation?
    if so can you tell me how I can get the FULL Study?

    Thank you
      27 March 2018 14:15
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      Sermons about 7 churches of Revelation on site you can find here link:

      There's no sermons by Tony Evans on this topic rigth now.