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Tony Evans — A Challenge to Overcome

You've already overcome my emotions. You've already overcome my circumstance. You've already overcome my pain. You've already overcome my addiction. I just wanna thank you that you've already overcome it.

I'm sweatin' and I'm tired, but I'm more than a conqueror in Jesus Christ who loved me and gave himself for me. And I just wanna give you glory 'cause I'mma focus on the news of heaven during my struggle on earth.

Welcome, friends, this is Dr. Tony Evans with "The Urban Alternative." I'm excited to be with you again today. And today, we're going to start a brand-new series, and we're going to call it "The Jesus Challenge" 'cause he's gonna be all up in your face in this series.

Because as he speaks in the first few chapters of Revelation, he's speaking very serious, very sternly, but very victoriously all at the same time. So that's why we're calling it "The Jesus Challenge," 'cause he's gonna challenge you. And we're gonna start today where he's gonna challenge you to be victorious.

He's gonna challenge you to be an overcomer. He's gonna challenge you not to settle for where you are 'cause you don't have to. So if you wanna be challenged and encouraged and inspired, hey, c'mon and go with me. Let's find out what "The Jesus Challenge" is all about.
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  1. La Saundra Brown
    La Saundra Brown
    21 March 2019 17:50
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    Thank you. I need this.
  2. Logan Foster
    20 September 2019 22:18
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    I have this project about you and it is about the 6 pillars and Have you ever been bullied or abused and how did you really overcome them. But keep going toward dreams but it depends on behavior you actually have to word and try make better dreams Good Luck!!!