TD Jakes — Transformational Instinct

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Because you can only prosper effectively off of what is in you, then you have to spin off of what is authentically yours. Not what you manipulated into your reach.

It will come and go. People come and go. They change. You can't count on them. If you count on the core that's something stable to count on. The other thing important to realize, you can't spend out of your core if you don't invest in your core.

You have to invest in what you have. What you legitimately have. What are you gifted at? What are you inclined to? What are your passions? To put the greatest effort and energy and resources right into that sweet spot of something you can manifest, something you can deliver, some areas, the very first thing God says to him, the very first thing says be fruitful.

And we read it and walk away. We don't realize to be fruitful means you have to discover your seed. He didn't ask him to produce a cow or goat.

You can only be fruitful according to the understanding of what is in your core. Okay? That's what you've got to be working from all of your life. The more we help people understand what's in their core, what they are instinctive about. What they were created to be. The more you'll see a change in how they end up.
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