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TD Jakes — Transformational Creativity

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Greetings in the invincible name of Jesus Christ. I am so glad to have this opportunity to be blessed to share a word with you and to let you know that Jesus is Alive and well.

That all things are powerful to him that believes. Whatever is on you, you've got to get rid of it right now and step into your season. And I believe the catalyst that catapults us into the divine purpose of God is his word.

There's nothing stronger, nothing better. Nothing more powerful. Nothing that is more effective at changing the human soul but the Word of God.

That's what I am going to share with you today. The very Word of God himself. Are you ready? So am I. Let's go now to the Word of God. I have decided to put together things that you need to accomplish in order to model creativity in your life. Things you need to accomplish, experience, do or think like in order to model creativity in your life.

And I'm going to unload them on you and I hope you're ready for them. Because if you will do these things, I can just about guarantee you a collaborative experience with God. Are you with me?

Number one, we are getting ready to model creativity. And our model is going to show us how.

The first rule is break the rules. Creative people are people who break rules. When I came to Dallas and I started pastoring in Dallas and I set this church up and started preaching in this church, and I had people to join the first Sunday. And within a year, I was up to , members. And people in the city came out and told me you can't do that in Dallas.

And I said I didn't know it. And as long as you don't know it, you can do it. But the moment you start knowing what you can't do and what you can't have and what you can't be, that's the moment you are incarcerated to the rules around you.

I can't tell you how many pastors tell me, oh, you don't know the spirit of Chicago. You don't know the spirit over here. You don't know New York. You don't know.

Any time you hear people telling you what you don't know, they have bought into the rules and they live within the limits. But if you are really going to do something awesome, you have got to color -- I know your first grade teacher is going to hate me for this. But you've got to color outside the lines.

You've got to be prepared to break some rules. You've got to be ready to go where other people haven't gone efore. You've got to be willing to do something that looks wild and looks crazy, that looks different.

You must be a rule breaker. And I hate to shock you. But you are praising a Jesus who was a rule-breaking Jesus. Healing people on the Sabbath day. Eating without washing their hands. Walking through the fields pulling corn down on a Holy Day. Religious people hated him because he broke the rules.

You cannot be a trend-setter if you are always traceable. You've got to be somebody creative enough to break the rules.
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