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TD Jakes — This is Not the Time to Lose Your Head

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Greetings friends, in the name of Jesus Christ our King, I'm so excited to have this opportunity to share the Word of the Lord with you. I'm grateful for what God is doing in your life, and I want to contribute something that I believe will help you in this season of your life.

No matter how blessed or successful you or I might be there are moments in your life that you go through tests and trials just like anybody else.

People don't understand that with every blessing there's always a battle, and I want to share this Word with you that will help you with the battle so that you can enjoy the blessing because sometimes you're so busy in the fight you lose sight of the victory.

I believe this is going to bless your life. The message is called, This is Not the Time to Lose Your Head. Take a look at this Word. It will bless your life. Let's take a look.
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  1. Paul king
    13 August 2019 15:35
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    The video and audio ain't downloading. I must say I enjoy the written aspects of the sermons.
      15 August 2019 11:27
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      Right click / "Save as" if playing instead of downloading. Work for any media file on internet.
  2. Ernest Bates
    4 November 2019 14:32
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    send me emails