TD Jakes — Master of My Need

Everything you have been going through and every area you've been up under attack, and every area that you have a necessity, your necessity is not a necessity. It is, in fact, a opportunity for you to experience another dimension of God's glory.

What I'm trying to tell you, your need to act like you don't need anything is stopping the flow of the miracle-working power of God in your life.

Hello friends. I'm excited to have this opportunity to share the Word of the Lord with you. I'm believing God for great things to happen in your life today. I'm particularly excited because I'm going to share a message with you from the Woman Thou Art Loosed.

In case you didn't get to go, I want to have an experience and an opportunity to see what goes on at Woman Thou Art Loosed. The message is called "Master of My Need." Join me now, as I go to the Word of God.

Much of our New Testament theology is a result of the Apostle Paul. There would be no understanding. Yes, Jesus died and shed the--shed his blood, rose from the dead and birthed the church, but the church that Jesus birthed was an organism with no organization. There was no structure, there was no order, there were no apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists.

Paul gives us all of that. Paul begins to teach us and makes us understand, "There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who want no longer after the flesh but after the Spirit." Paul begins to tell us "That if this earthly house or tabernacle shall be dissolved, we have another building eternal in the heavens which is made of God."

Paul teaches us, "It is in him that we live, in him that we move, in him that we have our being." It is the Apostle Paul that makes us understand, "Therefore having peace with God that we are reconciled with him. We understand peace of God, peace with God, peace in God," all because of the Apostle Paul.

Without the Apostle Paul, we would not have a clear understanding "that the door to the gentiles had been opened, that they might be saved and set free." Paul preached with so much power, that a man died while he was preaching. Paul ran down the steps, raised him from the dead and kept right on preaching. Paul was so awesome that they tried to kill him; they couldn't kill him. They tried to beat him to death; they left him for dead.

He got up and shook himself and walked away. He was in shipwrecks but he survived. He was snake bit but he shook it off. Oh, you'll don't hear what I'm saying. That power that raised people from the dead, withstood shipwrecks and shook off snakes, why are you needing anything? If you can raise people from the dead, you can pay your water bill.

Paul says, "The truth of the matter is, 'I am full, lacking nothing, but so that you might have credit to your account.'" God created a need to test you, to minister to that need. This is weird. In other words, Paul is saying, "I needed something but I didn't. I was in trouble but I wasn't."

It's kind of strange. This is the same guy that said, "I have learned how to abase and abound, both to be full and to be in want." He says, "Even when you're in trouble, you're not in trouble." Now, I need to preach this to somebody who's got some faith in 'em.

Even when you're in trouble, you're not in trouble, that God allows certain necessities to come, either to create a backdrop for you to experience another dimension of his glory, or for the people around you to have an opportunity to flow into another dimension of his grace.
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