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TD Jakes — Your Central Intelligence Agent

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The Holy Spirit is in your life so that he can reveal things unto you. He's not just there to sit in your soul, he's there to reveal things. To reveal the unveiling and the apocalypse and show force is to unveil. It means that a thing is there but it's covered up so it's not that the Holy Spirit creates it but it unveils it. He unveils things that you didn't see.

See, I could take a Bible and cover it up and you wouldn't see it. I didn't create it but it's covered and you can't see it. The moment I lift the cover and unveil it it's apocalypse. There are this I have in store right around you that you cannot see. Your girlfriend or husband cannot see. Your wife cannot see. Your children cannot see. But he said I'm going to unveil what is yours. That's stuff right there. I'm going to unveil what is yours. I'm going unto veil to it you. I'm just going unto veil to it you.

One of my sons was talking to me about getting married and how you know when it is the right one and I said baby I can't explain it be you know it. You know in your spirit this will be the person you will spend the rest of your life with. You feel it. There's a connection and energy and if you don't have that don't do it no matter how cute or fine they are or money they have because you can be cute and rich and crazy. You want to connect with somebody through a revelation on the spirit that we were meant to be together. This is important stuff. This is stuff that scripture may not designate to you.

See, because we don't need the Holy Spirit to reveal what the word has expressed. We need the Holy Spirit to get down into the details of what's true for you. There are no scriptures telling you who to mary or who to live so you can study the word until you turn blue in the face. Up until you hear the Holy Spirit you won't have clear direction to the details and demographics of what God has designed for your life and that's what the Holy Spirit yearns for is to have a deeper communication unto you. But it had been revealed by Holy Spirit. It gives you the integrity of the Holy Spirit in the next life. Been revealed to us unto us by his Spirit and his Spirit is searching. All things ye the deep things of God.

It's like a search engine in a computer that brings that particular information cut to the continuity of your request. The Spirit searches all things everything even the deep things of God and brings before you that, that is yours. Are ya'll with me? Now, it says for the Spirit searcheth all things, ye the deep things of God I want to spend a minute there and let you understand that the Holy Spirit is not just power. It's not just power. It's not just energy. Like electricity is power. And it's energy, but it's not intelligence. You understand? It runs the lights. It'll run an oven and microwave it's power but it can't think.

When you talk about the Holy Spirit the correct way to refer is to it, is it's a he not an it. The he of the Holy Spirit identifies that the Holy Spirit is not just power but is intelligence. See, wind is power. But we don't worship wind. Water falls are power but we don't wore thin water and this minute distinction between phrases sets us apart from some other religions. Some other ideas that reduce the definition of the Holy Spirit down to energy or force and if you read over it, you won't even know that you've entered into error. You won't even know it because you say well you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost come upon you.

You shall but the Holy Ghost is not power. He's more than power. He enables you to receive power but he's more than power. What I'm trying to get you to hone in on is the Holy Spirit is a Person and as a Person, that's as close as we can get to a term to describe him. The retail of who God is that means that is a human way of expressing something we don't have a word for. We really when you get to do the God head nothing going to master it because there's nothing to compare it to, so you try to understand that the Holy Spirit is a he, not an it and being a he means he has a personality so you can grieve the Holy Spirit, see? You can't grieve energy but the Bible says do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God where by ye have been sealed. You can grieve him because he has a personality and with that he has intelligence.

Somebody say intelligence. So tonight that's really what we're going to focus on. The Holy Spirit is our Central Intelligent Agent. He's our Central Intelligence Agent. He is our C.I.A. He released information that you could not access otherwise. Intelligence. It's different from education. I have seen people that were educated and not intelligent and I've seen people that were intelligent and not educated.

Intelligence, dealing with aptitude. The ability and the intelligence of the Holy Spirit if you don't, if we don't lay this foundation you won't respect the Holy Spirit and you will override it's advice for your own. You will dare to think that you are smarter than Holy Spirit. You will override the warnings of the Holy Spirit and the dick states of the Holy Spirit and take your advice over his advice and wonder why it doesn't work out.

The Bible says the Holy Spirit has such intelligence that it is bigger than all things the deep things of God. It knows everything. Knows everything. Where we get the word, omniscient. All knowing. That the Holy Spirit is all knowing. He knows the end from the beginning. You're making decisions based on the past and the present. But the Holy Spirit makes decision knowing the past, present and the future. How could you ignore access to such divine supernatural information?

The Holy Spirit knows how things going to turn-out. It knows whether this is going to work for you 20 years from now and exactly where you came from and what your background is and what's needed to bring you out so you cannot, and this is a decision you make every day whether you will accept his wisdom over your own. That's the decision you make every day of your life and how you make that decision has a lot to do with what you have done with your life.

Your life is a direct reflection of who's voice you listen to. Just think about it in the natural. I can take somebody who's life was going downhill and put them around somebody who begins to infuse them with intelligence and wisdom and direction, and the person who was going downhill will start going up. You're the sum total to feel voices you listen to. That's why you got to be careful who you run with, who you hang with, who you talk with on the phone, who you interact with and go to in trouble, because let me tell you something. Anyone has your ear they influence you. They really do influence you.

I travel a lot with the same guys. We go everywhere. Same guys. We go whether everywhere and all the guys have their own expressions and by hearing them user entertain expressionsly say some of that crazy stuff and I say that's not what you say, but if I'm around it, influence that they influence you with their intelligence until you adopt their language pattern.

That's why you speak English. You didn't have to take an English class you just exposed yourself to people that spoke English and started expressing abstract ideas in English because you were in a house with people that did the same. If we took you as a by by and put you in a Latina home you wouldn't need a Spanish class. We're all expressing love or anger or hunger, but we use the tools of an gage to communicate the same ideologies so the influence of that intelligence on your thought pattern without ever taking an English class you came here four or five years old speaking English so good. Who else influencing you? And how much have you picked up from listening to the wrong voice?

Spirit searchs the deep things of God and he knows the end from the beginning and he does. How much time do you spend listening to the Holy Spirit? I bet you that 90% of the people in this room don't even know how to listen to the Holy Spirit. I bet you 90% of the people been in church for year and years and years have never even have a conversation and taught how to listen to the Holy Spirit. I bet you don't know it. I bet you to they don't live in an atmosphere where they haven taken the time to know when you got it right.

You understand what I'm saying, sometimes it'll be a certain song that gets sung and something that the Holy Spirit wants sung. When you get it right the Holy Spirit takes over the room. Not only do you need to be blessed in that moment, but note that moment and begin to understand, that feeling and that voice and that sensation was the Holy Spirit, so that you can get where you know his voice, and know what he wants at any given time. One of the greatest enemies to really knowing and hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit is business. When your life is full of clutter and stress, it's hard to hear his voice in a storm. You need a calm place. The Bible said be still and know that I am God.

So when you are trying to figure out the will of God and you're just fretting. Shut up. You will never get a clear understanding of his voice in confusion. Just be still that's why the enemy sends confusion so that you'll be in turmoil. God is not the author of confusion. The enemy sends it so you won't have clear direction. One of my favorite scriptures: in quiet and confidence shall be your strength, if you will study to be quiet. I'm not a quiet person, study it. Study and shut up. Tweet that out and see, if you get some feedback from twitter world on study and shut up. Yeah. It's going to get better when doctor James comes in, but I'm like the raw ungarnished version. Yeah, amen. I got a pretty high rating. Hallelujah. He goes on to prove why we should listen.

What know a man say the spirit of a man that's in him. Even so the things of God knoweth no man but the Spirit of God. He said the Spirit of God coming forth out of God, knows God in the same way that the spirit of a man coming out of a man knows the man. So you're getting divine intelligence. Secret. Credible information from God regarding what? Write this down. My purpose. How in the world can you be happy if you don't know your purpose? How can you reward yourself and have the feeling of confidence if you don't know your purpose? You don't know when you did good and when you did bad? A now you're depending on other people to make you feel good of yourself because you're the feeling on their reaction because you have no compass and no purpose.

The Holy Spirit knows what is your purpose. That ought to be goal number one. Frankly, I don't pray much about which suit to buy. Because I really don't think God cares. You know if you want it and you can afford it, buy it. I don't go into a trance or coma about that if I want a blue house instead of green I don't go on fast to find out that stuff. I seek the Holy Spirit to know purpose for my life. What is the will of God for my life? What should I be doing at this season in my life? Because just because God told you to do something when you're 20 doesn't mean he wants you to do it when you're 50. Yeah.

Give us this day our daily bread. I need a daily on-going relationship with God so I can know exactly what he wants me to do right now. I got all kinds of voices trying to influence me every day but when the rubber meets the road what make you a great man, leader or person is to shut out the outside voices and turn on the inner and hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the church. Are you hearing what I'm saying? You will notice when Elijah started praying for rain, the Bible said, he put his head between his knees and for me the feeling of putting your head between your me thes is a shut out, outside voices.

You may have too many people talking and too much noise and too many people influencing you to hear the Holy Spirit and you get it wrong because people by nature are manipulators. I mean, even nice people. I mean even good, sweet, kind. Soft spoken people are manipulators. Those nice little 3-year-olds with the fine dip millions. He's just as sneaky as all get out and they will manipulate you and if they don't get through to you, they will go to your husband and manipulate him. They will work one against the other at five. Mama don't care if I go outside. Let me ask mama. Where did they get those sneaky from. They're manipulating by nature. You know if a nice 5-year-old can be a manipulator. You know a 25-year-old.

So what happens when your life is the end result of a series of being influenced by manipulators. Hmm...? Verse 12. Now we have received not the spirit of the world because the Spirit which of God that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. That's what I want to know. What are the things freely given to us of God. What did you give me and what have you purpose of me? What can do, Lord don't let me spend 20 years being something I wasn't supposed to be. Don't let me work my Hiney trying to shake myself into something you never want immediate to be in the first place. Teach me to be a person and celebrate who I am.

I'm getting older. Don't have time to spend the rest of my life trying to turn into something I am not so you will like me better. I'm too old for that. Go ahead and dislake me. I would rather be out of favor with you and in favor with God. I want to know the things that are freely given to me of God so I can enjoy them. It could be possible that I've been left a supernatural inheritance and I'm starve together death for the lack of something given to me but it's not been revealed to me because I'm not listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying.

Jacob was right in the midst of a son he was grieving. Grieving for Joseph but he did not know Joseph and Joseph revealed himself to his brother. You could be in the midst of the best years of your life and be missing it because it's not revealed to you what God has available to you. Somebody could be in your life and be happy. Oh, God I'm not going to fool for you. This going to be good in the minute. Hang in there with me. So, that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God and for me, that's important so I'm not running off stuff that's not freely given because you have to work hard to get stuff that's not yours. Glory to God.

I wish I could really just get down in it. That's a lot of work trying to get something that's not yours and sneak it and steal it and dodge it and fight it if it's not yours. What's yours? I don't care who else is holding it they're going to have to give it up when it's yours. Once you know the purpose of God in your life, you got to start speaking it every day. Don't know it intellect but turn it into information and start speaking out the things of God. You get something of knowing it but another level out of speaking it.

When you line-up your speech with what you know and bring yourself in alignment with God's purpose you shoot out like a rocket because you don't have any deviations or discrepancies you're directed. No deviations just directed by the Holy Spirit. No deviations say that with me. No discrepancies just direction. That's what you want. No deviations and no discrepancies just direction for your life. That's what you want. Don't side track me. No discrepancies don't trying to pull me down in confusion. I want direction for this year in my life. Oh, this is good.

Okay. So he said spiritual things with spiritual thing but the natural man recieveth not the things of the Spirit of God for foolishness neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned. What God will say to you will go against the natural grain. You'll know you've been talking to God when it doesn't make any sense to you. The natural man cannot receive the things of God. Because the natural man depends on senses for information. The natural man is informed through his eyes. Through his ears through his taste and through his smell. All of that is sensual.

There's a difference between sensual and sexual. Now sexual is sensual but you don't have to be sexual to be sensual. Sensual means that all the information you get is coming through your five senses. When God starts speaking to you in another dimension it defies your senses and it doesn't make sense to you, ya'll don't hear me. It doesn't make sense to march around a wall every day for six days and seven times on the seventh day and then blow a trumpet and the wall will come down. It doesn't make sense to take two fish and five love office bread and feed 5,000 people. It doesn't make sense for me to step off the safety of a boat into a tornado and walk on the water. It does not make sense that I could be running out of everything but a handful of meal and bake a cake for the man of God.

When you tell people like that, people at work and people you're related to, they say you're crazy. You're in a cult. You lost your mind. You have a nervous break down and they don't mean no harm. It doesn't make sense. Faith is never meant to make sense it was never designed to make sense. It does not need the sensual it needs the spiritual. That's what you want. You want a spiritual ability to be able to be informed on another level. And you have it. You're just not using it. You, who walked into a room and just felt funny and didn't know why and said I'm leaving, that's spiritual. Everybody in here has it. You're just not developing it and not using it but you do have it.

The spiritual ability to know something is wrong with your child, and they haven't said anything, but you know in your spirit something is wrong with her I don't care how he grins and laughs you have it. You're not using it. You walk in a room and decided, I'm leaving out of there. It doesn't feel good. I'm not going out there tonight I feel danger in you weren't informed with your eye gate or ear gate, but down in your spirit an alarm went off and said get out. You met somebody you didn't know them and somebody said there's something wrong with that guy right there. You have it. You're just not using it.
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