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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Bishop T. D. Jakes » TD Jakes — This Is Your Opportunity

TD Jakes — This Is Your Opportunity

TOPICS: Opportunities

Greetings, brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share with you and I still get excited about the word, preaching for 37 years, I love what it does, and in your heart and life and how it strengthens you and helps you. I have a message that I believe you are going to love, take a look.

Whatever you have been imagining is too small compared to what God has opened up before you. It is massive. It is huge. It is beyond human comprehension. It's an opportunity, you can't measure it with a stick, you can't measure it with a yardstick. You can't put it in a computer. It's simply an opportunity. But the opportunity is so huge. If you walk into what God is giving you is the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Listen, you will never ever, ever be the same again. I mean a radical revolution is about to take forth.

I don't know who I about to talk to. This is about a space and time that God has created for you to step into a new dimension. Oh, God. A higher expression of yourself. I higher expression of yourself. The outworking of the internal. What does that mean? Something has been shut in your bowels. Tied up in your belly. Shut up in your spirit. You have finally come to the place of maturity that you can step into. What you have been dreaming about and God is about to revolutionize your life.

Touch your neighbor and say, this thing is big. This thing is huge. It's mammoth, it's more than I thought. It's going to revolutionize how you think and move and how you function. God said he is setting you into a large place. Touch your neighbor and say, look for opportunities. Don't watch the clock, don't look at the calendar, don't worry about the seasons. Don't worry about what comes in the mail or what people say. God is setting before you a large opportunity. And if you perceive it as a large opportunity, you can walk into it and manage it and the wells of blessings and waters and joy and deliverance are going to flow. And it's going to start in you. It's coming out of your belly. It's coming out of your spirit. It's coming out of your creativity.

And that's why the enemy wants you distracted. Stressed out. Because this large place starts from a small place. God said dig out your old wells. Go to the places that have been jammed up and closed down and not flowing. And God says dig them out. Dig out things you put on the back burner. And dig out things that you didn't have the resources to do. Dig it out. Because out of small places will come big things. This is how you will know it's a moving of the Holy Spirit. It will not be a lot of thunder. It will not be a lot of clouds. It will be small clouds, big rain. There won't be big ovens and big restaurant tours. It won't be big servants coming, it's going to be small stuff like two fish and five loaves of bread. It will start in a small place but erupt into something real big.

Don't despise small beginnings. What is significant to you is God in spite of all things you have been through and in spite of all the things that you failed to do and in spite of all the things done to you. And in spite of all the people that tried to cancel you out, God extended you and sent his angels to escort you and he's about to put you in a large place. Oh, my God! Someone say, this thing is big. I groaned for it, I cried for it. I labored for it. Like to died over it. But this thing down inside of me is big. Oh, God. If you dig it out, it's going to be huge blessings. It's generational blessings. Isaac dug out his father's wells.

Let me tell you everything that had been holding you back. Everything that had been shutting you down, and everything in your way. I came to the core, your emancipation proclamation, praise him like you preach. Walk like you preach. Talk like you preach. Whatever was holding you back, it just broke! The restriction, the limitation, the intimidation, the fear, the curse of your childhood, the negative voices that held you back, the things that said you can't do that. You can't have that. You can't be that. That just broke. My God! I tell you!

So he told me to tell you, this is your year. To run. Not walk. Run into it. It is a large opportunity. For which all of hell is intimidated. I don't know who I am talking to. But after a long season of not enough. And frustration. And intimidation. And every time you dig out something, something comes up and shuts it down again. Isaac dug the first well and he couldn't get the blessing out of it. But he kept on digging. Touch your neighbor and say, keep on digging. Some of the things you tried to do, they ended in failure. And the enemy mocked you. And said, if it had been of God, it would have worked. But the Lord told me to tell you, the devil is a liar. Touch your neighbor and say, keep on digging.

So he dug the second well. And when he dug the second well, and he finally got some water coming. Then the Philistines came out and said, that well belongs to us. He could have thrown up his hands and said, I give it up, I walk away. I am through with it. But you know what he did? He kept on digging. And the reason the Lord wanted you to be here tonight is because after all the hell you have been through, all the set-backs you had. All the storms you have endured. Every time the devil thought you were going to quit, you got your shovel out and you kept on digging. Well!

This is your year. You got the right one, baby. The third well was the ticket. When they dug the third well, Isaac said, the Lord is going to put me in a large place. Touch somebody and say, get ready, get ready, get ready. This is it. You just hit it. I am supposed to welcome you. Right now. To 2018 because it's 12 o'clock, but I want to tell you welcome to your new place. Welcome to your new opportunity. Welcome to your new destiny. Welcome! Open your mouth. Give God the praise! Touch your neighbor and tell them, this is my opportunity. This is my year. This is my moment.

In the spirit something just opened up. Something you have been waiting on to break. Just broke loose. For the next 60 seconds, everybody who wants to break out, give God a praise. Give him a praise. If you missed this moment, shame on you. This is a large place. After failure, after struggle, after attack, you have finally come into your own. This is your opportunity. None of your haters can stop you from this moment. God said I have sat before you.

Oh, I don't want to stop, but I feel the anointing. This thing is huge. Join hands with somebody, leave no one untouched. You are not finished. You are not through. What I came to you, you will have to catch it in the spirit. I don't have time to break it down like I want to. Unclutter your well, unclutter your mind, and unclutter your spirit. Take time and unclutter yourself. There was some things that they threw down in the well to stop the flow. But what Isaac did was unclutter the place of blessings. When you get your blessing, you will get your dad's blessing and your granddaddy's blessing and your great-grandma's blessing. Y'all don't get what I am talking about. Somebody got it, I can feel it. Somebody got it in their spirit.

You will walk into a bigger expression of who you are. It's bigger than that. God is going to do it. For you. I want to say this is your year. But what I need to say, this is your opportunity. If you waste the year, you will lose the opportunity. This is your year of opportunity. Unclutter your well. Your ancestors blessings await you. You hear what I said? Your ancestors. The person you are touching will die a bitter man or a bitter woman if they don't seize the opportunity. Of living their life to the fullest. A grace has been given to them. A grace has been allocated unto them. A freshness. How you saw yourself was a chain. How you saw your situation was a chain. Your normal is a chain.

If you break your normal, you will find out who you are. All your life you have been fighting with yourself. Pulling against yourself. Sabotaging yourself. You could have been there a long time ago, Dorothy. You could have been there a long time ago. But your normal became your warden. It tied your hands and your feet, your creativity and your talent. But the Lord told me to share this word with you, when you walk out of here today, if you will seize this word, every chain that limited you. Some people don't know you are limited. Because you made it good with that clutch. You hopped good on one leg, you hopped so good that other people don't know that you nurse a wound that they don't see. But tonight God said he was going to break every chain, every chain.

Chains on your heart, and chains on your peace, and chains on your personality. And chain on your creativity. Every chain that pulled you back, back, God will break the chain. Set you in the large place. Set you in the place he showed you. Set you in the place that he put in your belly, set you in the place you were created to be in. This is your opportunity.
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