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TD Jakes — Positioning Yourself to Prosper

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Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ our king. I am so excited to share this series with you. Thousands generations. Get ready to be blessed as we go into the word of God and show you how to, as the message says, position yourself to prosper. You have to be positioned right. If you're not positioned right, you can't receive the abundance that God has for you. Right place, right time, right season, right mentality. There is a right way to step into your destiny and purpose. That's what venturing is all about. That's what our calling is all about.

Can't nobody show you how to prosper that's not prospered. Can't nobody show you how to be healed if they're not healthy. There's some things I want to show you to position to prosper so you can leave an inheritance for your children's children. They shouldn't have to go through everything we went through. It ought to be better for them than it is us. Let me show you how to make that thing happen so that your descendants can be blessed. Now, to the word of God.

Giving is for lovers only. I'm getting into the heart of giving. I'm giving into the spirit of giving. It's for lovers only. When I get through teaching not only will you get a release about tithing. Many of you have the ministry of giving. But it has been so spoken against and you've been so criticized people have forced you back into a shell. And like Jeremiah you back slid in your ministry and living in a prison and the gift is not operating in your life. Because every time you gave somebody said, child, you go too far. People making a fool out of you. You let those people use you. And they negate the fact when you were giving you were happier. You were more blessed. You were feeling better. They talked you into a prison, into a stingy prison of ineffectiveness and now you've got to break out of that in order for God to flow in your life.

You're anointed to give. Somebody say I'm anointed to give. Wait a minute. You can't be anointed to receive and not be anointed to give. See, if I said I'm anointed to receive you say woo yes Lord I'm anointed to receive. That goes back to some of that mentality that stops you from flowing. I'm anointed to give. When you say to God I'm anointed to give and I'm a child of giving, then you and God start working together to be a point in the earth that he flows through. A point in the earth he flows through.

See, the problem with the dead sea is it has no out let. When you have no out let you become filled with salt and nothing grows there. If everybody in this room, if some kind of way, you had no out let. I don't mean to be gross but you had no out let and you kept eating. I won't go any further than that. John 3:16 I know you know it but I want you to get it because it's important. When you have it, say amen. Read it out loud, please. Doesn't that seem like a crazy scripture to use to teach giving from? It's not your normal, you know, bring all the tithes into the storehouse that there might be meat in my house and prove me here with. Not any of that.

Give and it shall be given unto you good measure pressed down and shaken together. It's the scripture about salvation. The principle behind salvation you need to understand that God is so into finances that the term he uses to save you is called redemption. Redemption is about money. It is to buy back. I redeemed you. Out of the marketplace. Instead of using money God uses the blood of Jesus but you were redeemed through financial transaction. He bought you back. You have been bought. And he has the title and he owns you and your body is not your own. You're the temple of the Holy Ghost. You have the Holy Spirit which was the earnest on the purchased possession according to the book of Ephesians the earnest the down payment on the purchased possession. He bought you. Know you not you were bought not with silver and gold but the precious blood of Jesus. God was doing business on the cross. God was doing business on the cross. That's how you got redeemed. Are you with me so far?

Now, this I think is notable. For God, the infinite one, God is the infinite one. So to the infinite degree, loved the infinite compassion that he gave the infinite gift. His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on him should not perish but have everlasting life. He so loved what? He so loved the world. Let me get that in. The world. The infinite confusion. How much did he love them? He so loved them to the infinite degree that he gave the infinite expression. God is a lover. See, when I say love, you think about sex, because you have been taught by the world. God is a lover. He has loved you the Bible says with an everlasting love. Paul said Paul commended his love towards us while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. He's a lover.

And the first thing he teaches us about loving is giving. God so loved the world that he shouted. O, God so loved the world that he danced. God so loved the world that he got slain in the spirit. No. God so loved the world that he gave. There is a correlation between loving and giving. Do not tell me that you love anybody that you won't give anything to. Love will make you give. Loving and giving there's a correlation between the two. Whether it's a child painting a picture to give to its mother or a mother baking biscuits to feed a child, love is about giving. From the bedroom to the church house, there's a correlation between loving and giving. Love makes you want to give.

If you give up under any other stimulus, the giving is ineffective. Because sooner or later when people start giving you things to manipulate you, you pretty soon begin to detect the difference between manipulation... And the romance of a relationship. You tell them, no, you're just manipulating you. When you recognize that the gift lost, you want this coat, you gave me this coat. Am I right about it?

What God wants is to teach us that there is a difference, and I want you to get this down between lovers and lusters. There is a difference between lovers and lusters. Now, when people ask me, am I a prosperity preacher, I always tell them I am not. Because one of the things and I'm not criticizing other people in their ministries. I'm glad for whatever they do and they brought revelation into the body. I think when you teach people magic offerings and magic this and that and you don't teach economic empowerment and teach them how to open up businesses and teach them how to save and teach them how to invest and the whole spectrum, you have a real problem there.

I don't want to raise a church full of lusters. Who start lusting for the things God gives rather than loving the God who gave the things. There is a difference between a luster and a lover. Love gives. Lust takes. Lust is focused on self gratification. James 1:14 you can just got this down. James 1:14 says every man is tempted when he's drawn away of his own lust and enticed. The problem with us, we read things into where it limits our revelation. We read the word lust, we always think about sex. You can lust for things.

Let me give you another word for lust that will help you to see it. When you lust for things generally we call it envy. And so, you can see somebody with things and envy them and lust for what they have and start giving or tithing for a while to see if you can get what they have. And then if you don't get it in a few weeks, you stop. Because believe it or not, lust always runs out. Come on now. Lust always gets bored. Eventually sooner or later you say, okay, that's enough. That's enough of you. That's why a lot of marriages don't work. They're built on lust. And when the fascination of the lust relationship with the individual ends, there's nothing to hold the marriage together because it's not founded on love.

Now, I can show you two lovers and I can show you two lusters and in principles they're both doing the same thing. But through a different stimulus. One will wear out and the other will last infinitely because it's built on a higher principle. Understand what I'm saying? In the same way you can have two people tithing besides each other and get a different response because one person is trying it to see if this will help met get the job I'm being interviewed for next Thursday and the other one is saying, I just love you, Lord. With the job, without the job, I just thank you. Because all I have belongs to you. And I'm glad to bring this to you. Both of them are waving the envelope together and shouting together. They're doing the same thing. But they're doing it for different reasons.

If you decide to teach this and use this, this is what the judgment seat of Christ is for the church. The judgment seat of Christ is not to weigh the deeds you did as much as it is to weigh the reasons that you did them. The judgment seat of Christ is not about whether or not you're saved or not but where God gets down into the motives. On the foundation no man laid except Jesus Christ and upon this foundation some built wood, stubble and hay and some gold and silver. Some did the right things but they did them for the wrong reasons. And God, who searches the heart and is not impressed by the action, but the attitude behind it, then evaluates you and blesses or curses you, not by the size of the gift but by the size of the heart. That gave the gift. Are you following what I'm saying to you?

So one of the hard questions you have to ask yourself, don't take the easy way, are you a luster? Or a lover? I believe that God wants us to live in a place of love. In a state of love. More than just a geographical location but a state of love and well being. I believe that. When you look at the Garden of Eden you look at God's plan for man. God's plan for man is revealed in the Garden of Eden. God's plan for man is for you to walk in a state of perpetual blessings. God set up this system. God set up the Garden of Eden. The devil didn't have anything to do with it. It wasn't greedy preachers who did it or carnal manipulation of men.

God said up the Garden of Eden so you would have a picture of what he would do in your life if you would obey his word. And in Eden they had all of their needs met without sweat. All of their needs met without sweat. If every blessing you get is a blessing you work for, you're still not hearing what I'm saying. God wants to bring you into a place where blessings come from you, grows up all around you. You're dwelling in a place of love. Abundance comes to you. You're not just eating what you work for, you're getting blessings from unexpected places. God just touches people. God just opens doors. You have passive and aggressive screams of income coming from all directions.

When Adam was asleep fresh vegetation fresh fruit and crops was growing up all around him so when he woke up in the morning he was never too far from what he was hungry for. This is not about flamboyance and success and op lance. It's about God supplying all of your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Listen. I don't want my children to be in want. How many people have children in here? Do you know how it bothers you when your children have a need or they're in trouble, I mean really in trouble. Not an extra Nintendo. Don't you think it bothers the heart of God when you don't have your needs met? God wants you to dwell in a perpetual state of Eden because he designed, God designed Adam's environment. What environment has God designed for you that you're not living in?

Not only to receive this, you have to understand. You need a certain spirit. This might challenge you a little bit but just flow with me. Flow with me. You need a certain spirit of entitlement. Adam had to think himself special in order to dwell in the special place. He had to feel like he had a right to be there. He couldn't be walking around, I guess, I don't need all this. Since the Lord did give it, I guess I'll go in. He had to feel, this is where I live. The fish live in the water. The birds live in the air. This is where I live. I dwell in the place of abundance. Glory to God.

See, if you don't go in head first we have to get rid of stinking thinking so you're ready to receive what God has for you. People that don't think they're supposed to have it either don't get it or sabotage it when they do get it. You'll be surprised at the people who sabotage their finances through accesses through gluttony and spending too much and people sabotage their married. Some people are not satisfied until they have driven you away. If you know you're telling the truth, hold your hand up. Everything started out fine. You had nothing to argue about. They weren't satisfied until they push you away.

Some people sabotage themselves because they don't give themselves permission to receive what God's bringing into their lives. That gets into deep stuff. I'm not going deep into that stuff. But sometimes the way we were raised, the way we were taught and early in childhood we're predisposition to misery and we're not satisfied until everybody is fighting in the house and have conflict, because that is your normal. So you need to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Lay your hands on your head. Say give me a new mind.

God is a lover. He said, now the earth is the Lord's, the fullness and they that dwell therein. Adam you can move all over the world but this little garden, I fixed it just for you. And every tree around there, you can have whatever you want in the garden, just eat as much as you want. No limitation. All your needs are met. Adam didn't have to go to work. Adam didn't have to labor. Because when God really begins to bless you, I'm not saying you shouldn't work but many of the blessings come without sweat. There's folks in here right now. Not that you don't work every day but some of the greatest blessings you've experienced in your life are things you didn't deserve, when pastor was talking about what we owe God, if I gave God everything I owe him I would go home naked. I wouldn't have a house. I would have to give him the house. Everything I own belongs to God.

There's some things God did for me, I know God did it. Can I give you a little testimony? The house I own right now the house I bought right now we closed on the house bought the house, moved in the house 60 days, I think it was 60 days after we moved in the house, we found out that they found gas up under the neighborhood. And now they're going to have to pay all the homeowners checks based on whoever owns the most land gets the biggest check. I didn't know anything about it. I had no idea about it. I happened to be attracted to that piece of property.

If the people who were selling the house had known 60 days earlier there was gas up under that land, they would have never sold me the house or given me the minerals rights but I own the house and the rights to everything up under it. Hey. Hey. I'm telling you, God will open up the windows of heaven and pour you out blessings. You won't have room enough to receive. Touch somebody, say no sweat. Didn't work for it. Didn't earn it. Capital take credit for it. Some people say, you know that Jakes is a smart businessman. Jakes didn't even know it. Jakes just stumbled up into it. When you walk in divine favor with God, you'll just stumble up into stuff. You don't even know how you got there yourself.
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