TD Jakes — The Miracle of Survival

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They make you feel bad for wanting to be better. They're tired of the--they don't like you 'cause you wanted out of what they were into and they are determined to convince you that there is no other world but the world they created. That's because they wanna be your lord, but the devil is a liar, Jesus is Lord.

Why does God go through the trouble of making us look at this blatant scene of debauchery? Why has he painted it so graphically and what are we to learn from it?

I'm so glad you asked. Is he not teaching us that the baby has passed from one world into another? For the womb is a world. It is a matrix of which it is all that the baby has ever known. It has been conditioned to live within the complexities of that matrix. For nine months, that is its global sphere, the womb of its mother. And then, on the ninth month, it passes out of that world, dying to this world that it might be born into the next world.

To be absent in here is to be present out there. You can't be present both places. If you're going to be absent here, you gotta be present there. If you're gonna be present in the womb, you are absent from the world. The world is waiting for you. What looks like death, what is traumatic to the child, childbirth is traumatic. Skin bruised, it's traumatic.

Baby's born and they sleep for hours because it's work. The baby and the mother have to sync their efforts together. It is so much work that they call it labor. And until you've had one, you'll never understand why it has the nickname labor. It is not something that you can passively do. You can't do your nails while you're having a baby.

You can't curl your hair while you're having a baby. You can't read the paper while you're having a baby. This is gonna require a commitment between the mother and the child. This is work. They're both tired when it's over. They're both exhausted when it's over. It is traumatic, but what was life in the womb if the baby stays in it, becomes death.

It is afterbirth, afterbirth, the bloody placenta, the afterbirth, the proof positive that the mission is complete is that what was life to me in here is death to me out here. I passed through it that I might come out from it. Oh, y'all don't hear what I'm saying. If you see the baby when he is born, it's not like the Gerber baby.

That's what I was expecting. I was expecting my kids to come out going like... "What's up, man? How you doin'? What's up, Pops? Hit me up with a bottle, man. What's going on?" They don't look pretty. Their head look funny. I looked over at 'em and I said...

Yeah, the skin is all red, and bruised, and scarred. They got bloody membranes and flesh all over 'em. They look like what they came from. Oh, you'll catch me after a while. At first it'll sound like I'm just rambling but if you stay with me, he said you look like what you came from. You came from it. Because what once gave you life doesn't give you life anymore.

You had to go through it to come from it and it's still hanging--oh, y'all don't hear what I'm saying. The baby is born lookin' like where it came from. It is a natural assumption that somebody should wash it because you don't want to have the residue of your past. Not over here, somebody say, "Not over here."

Yeah, yeah, you should of left that over there. You don't do that over here. You don't live like that over here. You don't act like that over here. You don't behave yourself like that, not over here, that's afterbirth. You should of left that in the world you came from.

See, the problem today with church is that we want people--we're so busy trying to get numbers that we will compromise truth. And we are willing to allow people to be born into the kingdom and still act like the world, but there ought to be some kind of change. Oh, it ain't popular. There ought to be some kinda change in your life. How can you say you are saved when you do everything you did before?

My question is, saved from what? Saved from what? If you are a conman, and a scammer, and a lair in your previous life, don't tell me that you've been born again and I still can't lay my wallet down. If you were a womanizer and a whoremonger when you were over there, why are you looking funny at my wife now that you're over here?

You mean I can't trust a saved babysitter? Why have you brought the contamination of where you came from? You have polluted your today with your yesterday behavior. That's afterbirth, get rid of it. Any time you have the potential to have newness but you don't cleanse yourself from oldness, you cancel out the opportunity to prosper in the newness because of the oldness.
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