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TD Jakes — The Danger Of Giving Up Too Soon

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When bitterness gets down inside of you, you walk away from something and say it's worthless. You sell it for nothing, never realizing that what you gave away was valuable. It just was gonna take time to bless you.

He said, "This is worthless because it's not helping me right now. If the birthright was any good, why am I hungry today? Here, you can have it." And now he got a bowl of soup for a birthright because he couldn't manage the moment and the temporary frustration of waiting for something to come to fruition.

Hey, everybody. I'm excited to have the opportunity to be blessed to the Lord to be in your home today. I believe that God's given me a word that's really gonna speak to your life in a strong and powerful way.

The message is called, The Danger, check this out, The Danger of Giving Up Too Soon. I believe this is a rhema word for somebody.

So many people get frustrated because it didn't happen when you thought it was going to happen. But just because it didn't happen when you wanted it to happen doesn't mean it's not gonna happen. Check this message out. Maybe God wanted you to hear this for such a time as this.
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