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2021 online sermons » Steven Furtick » Steven Furtick — Unblock It

Steven Furtick — Unblock It

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I want to take a look at something with you today. The Lord was really speaking to me in 2nd Corinthians chapter 10. And I just want to give you, like 4 verses, where Paul is trying to get the Gospel out, he's encountering some opposition, and I think it'll be relevant to each of our lives. But you can really hear his heart, and how much he loves Jesus Christ, and how much he loves the church at Corinth. And you can also hear some frustration, you can hear a man, who has been pushed to his limit.

Have you ever been pushed to your limit? Every parent should be nodding... some of you are crying... Have you ever just found yourself, parents, just you hear yourself screaming, and you're not even conscious of the fact that you're screaming? And some of the words, that are coming out of your mouth, you know you're gonna have to ask God to forgive you for them, but you just can't stop them. It just happens sometimes, you just get pushed to your limit.

Everybody has a limit, and Paul apparently has been pressed to his limit by false teachers and preachers, who are trying to undermine his authority, and they're saying he's not a real preacher, and he's not a real pastor. And he's the one, who started this church in Corinth, he's the one who took the Gospel past the boundaries of the Jewish faith, and into the Gentile community. He's the one who broke the barrier, so that the Gospel could be with us today. And usually those, who break the barriers, have to fight the fiercest battles. Usually the the pioneers have the most pain.
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