Steven Furtick — Reputation Rehab

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God speaks, and when everybody comes with that attitude and that perspective, we realized, that it is our responsibility to receive the Word of God. And we don't put all this pressure on some guy with a microphone, as if somehow I could fix your life, I can't. My opinion is empty, but God's Word is powerful. And so, when you bring that expectation to the Word of God, it really makes it dynamic and explosive. So, just look at your neighbor and say, "wake up, pay attention, I know you're ready".

Joshua chapter 2 verse 1, "Then Joshua son of Nun secretly". Secretly, you don't have to tell everybody everything you're doing. Secretly, you don't have to post every time you pray on Instagram, you don't have to put a coffee mug post for every devotion. You know, I'm talking about a coffee mug in the Bible, and spread open, and then you highlight a few extra verses, before you take the picture, make it look like... Then Joshua son of Nun, don't tell everybody, but just secretly sent two spies from Shittim. And that's a long eye, when you pronounce Shittim. You want to be careful, when you pronounce Shittim, if you ever preach from Joshua chapter 2 verse 1. "Go, look over the land," he said "especially Jericho."

Notice he didn't tell them to look at every city, because you can get overwhelmed, if you think about all the battles you have to fight. This is just the first one, the next one. And when we get so focused on everything that we have to overcome, it saps our strength, and we can't take our next step, because we're thinking 14 steps ahead. And you can wreck looking at your GPS, instead of keeping your eyes on the next turn.
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