Steven Furtick — This Is Significant

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Well, take a seat. We're so glad you're here today. We're continuing in the series "Savage Jesus" from the Gospel of Mark. Believe me, when I say, that I never thought I'd say this is the tenth installment of this series I usually preach, short and sweet, but I got in the Gospel of Mark and then I couldn't get out. So today will be in Mark chapter 6.

I want to introduce my scripture by way of a story. When I wrote my first book, I had the privilege to record the audio book myself, and they sent a very professional recording engineer from the publishing company to record the book. And he would stop me and correct me, if I made any mistakes, if I got a little too southern, he was a northern Pharisee and he judged my accent. And he'd say it's a little twangy let's get it again or if I smacked my lips or mispronounced a word, back it up and make me catch it again. And it was annoying, but I appreciated his professionalism. And because the publisher was the largest publisher in the world, now not the publisher that I wrote for, the publisher that I wrote for was owned by a publisher, who was owned by a publisher, that was the biggest publishing company in the world.

This guy worked for the big publisher, and because of it, he had worked with a lot of big names. And this was my first book and my first time, and I kept having to take breaks and my mouth would get dry. And so, during one of those breaks, I realized that this guy had worked with a lot of famous people. And I asked him to tell me a story, to entertain me during my break. I said tell me about somebody you worked with that was difficult, and he told me a story about a very well-known political figure, I don't know if the story is true, but why let the truth get in the way of a good story, that's my motto.

So I'm gonna tell the story, I'm not gonna say the name, but it was a famous political figure, who was recording his memoir about his life. That was after he had served his term for eight years, something like that, in office. Now I can tell you it was, but he said that, when they were recording the memoir, it was very long, it was about a seven or eight hundred page book. And it had to be an abridged version. And so, when they were recording the audiobook, they had to decide which sections to leave and which sections to skip. And at one particular point in the memoir there was a section about a scandal, that happened in this particular notable figure's life, related to offices of oval nature and things of this sort that happened, during his tenure, in what some call the highest office in the United States of America.

And when he was telling me about it, he said, when they got to the part about the scandal, he said that the person who wrote the memoir, the former president say, this is falling apart, said he stopped in, he was gonna skip it, and he stopped the recording, and he said: I don't think people, really I think people are sick of hearing about this, by now I think we can skip this part. I mean do you think this is really significant? And the audio engineer said: that it was a real challenge to look back at somebody, who had been the most powerful man in the world at one point, and he said I had to look at him and say: Yes Mr. president, this is significant. And that's my title for my message today. Look at your neighbor and say in your best Bill Clinton voice, tell them: this is significant.
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