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2021 online sermons » Steven Furtick » Steven Furtick — When Resistance Doesn't Make Sense

Steven Furtick — When Resistance Doesn't Make Sense

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That's significant, that Jesus told them to go forward in the wind, that was against them. That's significant. Significant because a lot of times I assumed in my life, that if God sent me to do something, the wind would work with me. That's pretty much the premise of early Christianity, you know, turn your life over to God, and he'll take your burdens away. Turn your life over to the Lord, and you know, what used to keep you up, and I won't keep you up at night anymore, because it'll be replaced by other stuff, that'll keep you up at night. Filling the blank you realize, that a lot of times our claims to faith are actually our efforts to manipulate God, until we discover in the course of time, that just because the wind is against you, doesn't mean that God is not for you. Many times the confirmation, that God has spoken to you is the fact, that the wind is against you.
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