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Steven Furtick — What To Do When It Seems Like God Isn't Working?

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Our challenge as people of faith is to synchronize our faith with God's schedule. That's the challenge, to would not be a challenge. To would not be a challenge, if God would mark harvest season on your schedule. Would not be a challenge, wouldn't be a challenge, because you could keep yourself occupied until that point. Don't even worry about it, you'll be married by 27. Well then I'm good, I'll just enjoy myself till 27, and then my man will show up, is it October of 2020. I want God, because Lord, we could be ready with the sickle, if you would let us see the schedule.

Talk to me, people of faith, talk to me men and women of God of great faith. I could be ready with the sickle if you would synchronize in our office, my schedule is synchronized, and they synchronize my schedule - Holly schedule - my assistant schedule, is helpful, because now she can know where I'm going to be, and what I've got to do, and she can keep a surveillance system on my schedule to kind of know what she needs to pray about me with. And when I'ma be in a bad mood, because I had to meet with drunks and... uh I'm just kidding... she's amazing. But she's got all that on her schedule, and it helps us to be in the same flow, when we're on the same schedule.

So let me ask you a question: how did you relate to a God in patients, who won't show you the schedule he's working off of me?
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