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2021 online sermons » Steven Furtick » Steven Furtick — The YES Test

Steven Furtick — The YES Test

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I told them, this year I want to start it off. I felt like, that you would be the freshest at this point, and well I started the church. So I want to start the takeover too, and welcome to you. Help me for a moment welcome your parents. We sent your parents a link, that many of them are watching online. We promise we're gonna cast all of the demons out of your children, before we send them back, but they're gonna be sleep-deprived. So, when we send them back to you, they will not even seem saved, but thank you...

I was watching a little bit of the high school event last night, hold on now, you did not look like you were having a Bible study. Not at all. I love this. I kind of wish I could get to know all of you personally. Well, see when I get to know people, when I'm trying to get to know people, you have different ways that I try to get to know them, and one of the ways that I use, I try to say, I try to find out, what your favorite things are. And I do this all the time. I think it's frustrating to people, because it puts a lot of pressure when you say like: what's your very favorite? Like: what's your favorite song? Turn a person next to you and tell them your favorite song. How many of you, the person next to you, set a song that you hate or a style of music that you don't enjoy? Did anybody say, some people will say: I don't like music very much, it's just not very musical person, you miserable human being. And if you said mask off, you're definitely going straight to hell, you need to get to the altar...
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