Steven Furtick — Hold Your Charge

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Hold your charge and you can be seated. Hold your charge. I wanted to show you something real quick. I asked them, just as a way of illustration, to bring every charger that is in my office, just my office. You can see that. Let's put it up higher, I think blacker struggling. I want you to get the scope of this. Somebody has a problem, somebody has issues, it's just I live on my devices.

So, you know I don't ever want to be too far from the juice, because I need these things, this is like my sermons, my ideas, my brain is all here. And I got all these expensive iPads, I even have a expensive case, everything is so nice 6 plus, all of this is useless without a charge, all my notes. I wrote notes, I was at the office late, stayed up in the bed, tweaking on the car ride over early putting that last little thing, and try make sure that I had enough to keep you entertained for you know 12 hours today keep you engaged all that. All of the things that I wrote down are useless for my purpose of having notes without a charge.

And God's giving you off some gifts, God's giving you awesome abilities, God's given you a healthy body, God's given you a lot of opportunity in the place you live. All of that is useless without a charge. The greatest device, but the most incredible apps or the most interesting content is all useless without a charge. And we have a cool Church, looks great. We've never had more assets than we have right now. Never had a better platform, than we have right now. All of that is useless without a charge.
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