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2021 online sermons » Steven Furtick » Steven Furtick — Check Where You're Putting Your Energy

Steven Furtick — Check Where You're Putting Your Energy

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When you don't have a sense of priority in your life and everything feels urgent, it's a sign that you haven't figured out what's really important. Now you are open to everybody's demand, and they all take up equal space. And so, by saying YES the people who don't really matter, you say an automatic NO to those who do. By saying YES the people who essentially are using you, in order to achieve their own goals. Now you find yourself unable to give, because you are a limited resource to the people, that God has entrusted to your care the most.

So I have to have, watch this a sense of balance. I could preach about balance, you know you, got to work out and pray and eat and all of that, but this is not that kind of seminar. What I mean is: you've got to be balanced in what you give weight to. That's what I mean: is that sometimes we are stressed out, because we are giving too much weight to the wrong words, and not enough weight to the right words. And so we're out of balance, because we have this feed and everything on our feet is the same size, and because it's all the same size we think it carries the same weight. So we live in a state of stress, because we haven't learned how to weigh it out. You've got to weigh it out.
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