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Steven Furtick — Why Bother?

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Welcome today all of our locations to week three of our Sun Stand Still series. We are so grateful for the impact of this message, Sun Stand Still about audacious faith and impossible prayers, the impact that it's having all over the world. And I'm so grateful as a pastor for your support of the book which just released this week, thank you for buying it and giving it away and if you would just continue to spread the word I believe God is doing something awesome in our generation and I think it's a pretty special for us to be able to be at the epicenter of it. And don't take it for granted because if you do, God can just find somebody else. It's not about me, it's not about you, it's all about Him. And it will stay grateful and engaged to continue to use us for his glory.

One of the things that I've noticed in my short time of being a pastor though, is that anytime God starts a movement the enemy starts his opposition and anytime a movement gained momentum you can expect and anticipate opposition not just in a global sense, but in your own personal life. When the Lord begins to do something, when God begins to speak to you and and bless you and challenge you and really raise your your sights to a new level of faith, you can expect that the enemy is going to try to sabotage that process.

So, what I wanted to do today in the middle of this incredible series that we've been a part of together is look at a passage of scripture that I think indicates the type of opposition that the enemy wants to throw into our lives as God wants to activate our audacious faith. And as the Lord starts to stir us up to believe him for the impossible, which many of you are doing through reading the book and hearing the sermons and experiencing the movement. You're starting to ask God to do what only he can do and as that happens, there are certain types of opposition that you can always expect to encounter. And so, my hope today is to help you indicate a few of those as well as suggesting to you at counter-attack so that all of the things that God is starting to do in your life and all the impossible things he wants to achieve will come to pass.
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