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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Steven Furtick » Steven Furtick — How To Build Your Vision From The Ground Up

Steven Furtick — How To Build Your Vision From The Ground Up

TOPICS: Vision

I want to read you something and this was written by Judd Apatow he was writing about the comedian Albert Brooks and how he got a chance to work with one of his heroes and just a couple sentences, but he said something, that I would love to say about Bishop Jake's before he comes. And he said: in your dreams as a young guy you imagined your heroes to be one thing and then you get a chance to work with one of them, and he's actually even better He said deep down all comedy nerds. Hope that at the end of our lives we will have made one movie as good and true as Albert Brooks as best movies. I'll modify that a little bit deep down all preachers and leaders hope, that at the end of our lives we will have preached one sermon as good and true as Bishop TD Jakes. So many Would you put your hands together Elevation Church and welcome to the stage? Bishop TD Jakes!

TD Jakes: I don't know how we're supposed to do this, but I want to tell you right off the bat. This is my Steven Furtick cool science fired you you inspired me.

Steven Furtick: Can we call it even now for all of the stuff I've ripped off from you over the years?

TD Jakes: The only problem is my thighs can't breathe.

Steven Furtick: So if we see you leaning over...

TD Jakes: Yeah, I need a he of G for my knees, but I'm good. You can't dance with these things man, you can't, you just gotta jump up and down...

Steven Furtick: Can you soar?

TD Jakes: I can soar in them.

Steven Furtick: How would you like to hear Bishop TD Jakes and Pastor Steven Furtick sing "I believe I can fly" by R. Kelly? Just something you might be interested in. All the millenials are like our what? Maybe we'll do that at the end?

TD Jakes: No, let's not.

Steven Furtick: Do you like that song?

TD Jakes: I like the song.

Steven Furtick: What are some songs that you like to listen to Bishop Jake's that don't get played in church.

TD Jakes: They don't get played at church cut the cameras...

Steven Furtick: O,h you guys can be seated for hanging out now. They're so excited.

TD Jakes: I like Luther Vandross. I like Anita Baker. You know I Like lesser-known, but but extremely talented is Kiko Matsui. Kiko Matsui is a Japanese jazz pianist said it's absolutely out of this world. And I listened to her this evening before I came over here, so I'd had my international flavor yeah. So I'd like all kinds of music kind of like classical music I like Gospel music of course. I like just about every kind of every drug even some country. I'll go country on you now the...

Steven Furtick: Greatest rock and roll band of all time.

TD Jakes: Oh, God, now I'm in trouble. I don't go rock the road. Yeah well It's funny. I grew up in the Jimi Hendrix error, so you know you know anybody got you Jimmy hippies. Yeah, big poster on the wall my life's ambition was to have his afro. I Had women's braiding my hair to my eyeballs were up like this trying to get my hair to where it never happens. I didn't get here to the Jheri Curl. That was wrong about the Jhery...

Steven Furtick: Yes, sir, I do. I mean not for personal experience. I've seen pictures.

TD Jakes: Do you think pictures ever? Well when I used to freeze years ago. I wore during curling I had a towel around my neck and when I got the really pretty Yeah. And the jheri curl juice with fly across the front, and everybody slain in the spirit. Those were the days with the power of God was fallen.

Steven Furtick: Is it the secret?

TD Jakes: It is a secret you gotta get a curl...

Steven Furtick: I'm in trouble... So excited about this new books or excited to talk to you about it tonight. I've been reading it. It's kind of weird though. I had to do my research to interview you, and so, I put in Amazon because the book is subtitled "Build your Vision from the Ground Up" and focuses on leadership, entrepreneurship. So I put entrepreneur in Amazon search and over fifty six thousand results. And then I put in leadership over two hundred and fifty seven thousand results. Which made me wonder, for my first official question of the interview: What was missing from the conversation that made you want to add your voice?

TD Jakes: Timing? What we need depends on where we are in the history of this country. The topography of this country has changed in terms of how we make a living quite, a bit from agricultural. We went through that face to industrial age, to the information age, that we're currently in right now. And people have had to retool themselves in order to keep up with trends they didn't choose. Now we're in an era, where people of my generation sent our kids to school, because we trained them to think "a job". And we said: if you go to school, you get a good education, you're gonna come out you're gonna get a great job, and that was true when I was coming up, but that's not true today. Today you can... Yeah, am I right about it? Today you can go to school, you can get a great education and come out with a good bill. A whole lot of debt and end up working at Burger King. Nothing against Burger King, but how do we get you here? I have to be careful brother like me get sued on regular. The question then becomes: how do we with our Education and our disappointment living in our mother's house sleeping on the couch even cereal at noon. We tool ourselves, so that we can be functional in the 21st century.

I Listen at the argument that our country is having right now. It's hard to listen to, but beneath all of the chatter, the red belt states and the inner cities are crying about the same thing — the lack of opportunity. And we're looking to the White House to solve the problem, and the reality is — that's not gonna happen. And we need solutions and this goes beyond, we'd like to talk in terms of, we have nice terms for bus really black and white you know herb and then red bell spaces and black so swipes awesome. But now we're both getting broke. Okay, which is a scary situation and you've got smart, bright, gifted, talented people, who can't find an opportunity. Also in our community, and even in other communities you have this dilemma of people, who make mistakes when they were young. Did some criminal justice issues, and 25 years later, they can't get a job or a place to stay. That's a real problem. So rather than to go "get a job", I thought, it was important to talk about "being a job". You know about being a job, about hiring yourself, about the opportunities that exists to create your own reality, your own business, your own company, to be the CEO of you. The CEO you.
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