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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Steven Furtick » Steven Furtick - The Key To Starting Your Day Right

Steven Furtick - The Key To Starting Your Day Right

Steven Furtick - The Key To Starting Your Day Right

I think how you enter something is really important. For me, I have to build in certain things to enter my day, to enter my week, to enter my role, to enter conversations, even to enter something like a workout or to enter an appointment. There are certain things that when I do those things as an entrance ritual to remind me that this is a gift and that God has given me what I need, it goes better. You know, not only how you walk into a room… I'm not saying you should have theme music playing behind you when you go to work Monday, but I am saying maybe we could be more intentional about how we make our entrance.

The children of Israel are entering the land, and God says, "Hey, I want to give you a ritual, an offering, a ceremony you can keep to remember that this is a gift I'm giving you, that you can remember what the Lord did for you". I think, a lot of times, when we start our day, if we could have a few rituals, like prayers of thanksgiving or just listing our gratitude or sometimes sitting in God's Word for a few minutes before we go into the day… That's what I mean by entrance ritual. Like, "This is a new day". I'm not saying you wake up and don't even need the snooze button because the favor of the Lord awakens you, the brush of angel's wings, and you feel so blessed and highly favored that you bounce out of bed. I just mean making a decision to enter the day. "This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it".

Even if it takes you a cup of coffee to get there, or if you shower first, or whatever you do, that you kind of intentionally enter your day. Most people, I'm afraid, don't. I've been there, and I still can get there really quickly if I'm not intentional, where I snooze to the last minute, and I'm running around. Now all of my interactions with everybody I live with are going to be rushed. Every encounter is going to be rushed. I have no margin. It's very different than when I plan to say, "I'm going to have some time to decide how I enter this day," and like I've been preaching, I put on Christ. I shed off whatever the plaque is, like you have plaque on your teeth or whatever. I'm going to take some time to get my perspective right, get all the plaque off my perspective.

I'm going to get my focus today on what I have to look forward to, what I have to be thankful for, get synced up with God, so that what I'm stressed about today I don't just feel in my body and ruminate in my mind but kind of process with him. We're all going to have a different way to do this. Holly is so good. We have a family calendar she sends out every Sunday night. It's so helpful, because she takes some time on Sunday night, even after ministering that morning and usually kind of resting in the afternoon. She knows Sunday night, "I have to get this week out in front of me, because if I enter this week with absolutely no idea of who is where or it's all scattered or we don't have communication, we might find ourselves Tuesday or Wednesday in this week just needlessly frustrated or misaligned".

She learned that, so she enters the week intentionally. That's why it's good to do premarital counseling. It's a way of entering marriage intentionally. You can also do it really quickly when you know you have to have a conversation with somebody. Like, just setting your intention before you go into the conversation. That's an entrance ritual. By ritual I don't mean a firstfruits offering or that you spin around three times or anything like that. I don't mean something that even anybody else knows you're doing, but it could just be mentally. The key to this is "When you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you…"

That's what Deuteronomy 26:1 says. "I want you to enter it, knowing he gave it to you," which gives you confidence, because God gave it to you. So, you're going into the land to fight battles. You're going into your day to fight battles you know God has called you to fight. God didn't call you to fight every battle, but go into the day knowing God has promised you his peace and his provision for every challenge you'll face today. He has given it to you. Say it out loud. "He has given me this day". Then, whatever you're facing that day, knowing this day is a gift, knowing God has given you his Spirit, God has given you his wisdom, the mind of Christ, that you have that, that you have connection with God, that you have forgiveness… You have the power of God working on the inside of you. You have the spirit of faith. You have gifts to be able to do what you need to do. You've got it.

When you enter the situations you face, go into them, develop for yourself, figure out what those rituals are, so that you pray before you start looking at everything somebody else has posted, so that you think about what God has given you before you go into your day and start trying to earn or achieve more. All of those things are good, but as you enter a season, as you enter a challenge, as you enter a room, as you move from work to home or home to work or car to people, it's important to have these little things we do.

Now this is a big one. I'm not equating saying a prayer in the morning or doing some deep breathing before you walk into a stressful situation to giving an offering from the harvest in Deuteronomy 26. Again, big-picture principles work in very common daily situations. Really, that's where our lives are lived out, not in a few special occasions or just an Old Testament historical example, but bringing that spirit of remembrance and intentional entries into your life. I think that would be helpful for you. They might have to change. You have to experiment with this. What works in one season may not work in another. Maybe you travel. Maybe you can't do the same thing every day. Maybe it's not as predictable for you. Maybe your rhythm got knocked off. Maybe you're facing a certain obstacle that you can't do all of the things you want to do.

But is there a way you can enter your day, enter your week, enter those situations, enter those relational confrontations that you know are kind of difficult for you? Can you change the way you enter so that you remember the gifts God has given? A lot of times, just remembering, "This day is a gift. This meal is a gift. This moment is a gift…" I think this is pretty basic, but that's why we say the blessing before we start a meal. If we can do it from our hearts, even if we don't say a 20-minute prayer… Nobody likes that. I used to have a friend who would say, "Don't catch up on your quiet time. Just say the blessing. The food is getting cold. Don't use the time to show off how many different ways you can name Abba Father and slip in three Bible verses you memorized. Just pray".

However, taking the time to do it. Pause it. Say, "This is a gift," and move into it. That'll help you, whether you do it out loud, whether you have some… For years, I've put a little scented anointing oil on my hands most weeks before I preach. It's just an entrance ritual before I get in the pulpit. Athletes have these, but we can have them too. Those of us who aren't playing in the NBA still get to have entrance rituals. We don't have to be in the WWE to have walkout music. We can have a melody in our hearts. Even singing is good. "Enter his gates with thanksgiving".

We enter in the presence of God. Sometimes, before I'm getting ready to preach, I have certain songs that help me enter that state of ministry so that I get out of my head and into my heart and flow in the power of God. The more of these we create, not so that we become superstitious or have to jump through a bunch of hoops just to move from one thing to the other… "Hey, I'm doing my entrance ritual. I can't come in yet". But they can be quick ways we enter with gratitude, enter with confidence, enter with intention. I think that's what I'm trying to say: make your entrances with intention.
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