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Steven Furtick — The Power of The Pull

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Second Kings 13:14-20, this parable in action where we have been looking at an object lesson from this simple little archery instruction where the prophet Elisha pulls out a sermon prop.

It makes me feel better about all of the props I've used over the years, because here the prophet Elisha, one of the most powerful preachers the Bible has ever recorded the life of, instead of speaking to the king about what he needs to do, shows him.

Sometimes actions speak louder than words, and sometimes it's not in what we understand or declare but in what we do that our measure of success is determined. This passage is cool, because he uses a bow and arrow.

Earlier today they were playing some old clips of my preaching and showing me with a water gun, and I had some grown men on a seesaw one time to talk about giving weight to God's Word.

How many of you were there for that? I love how our team through the years, when I think of something crazy, they don't look at me crazy. I said, "I need a seesaw for my sermon," and Joe and the team built a seesaw. We've done all of these things over the years.

I used to feel like that was probably because I was a shallow preacher, that I didn't have enough substance so I had to do all this silly stuff to keep people's attention, but I don't really see it that way anymore.

Jesus was the Word made flesh, and when he came to preach he would often point at stuff to illustrate his point. He would use objects to get his message or his lesson across. When he was talking about worry, he would point to the birds and say, "If God can feed them, what are you worried about? Not one of them falls to the ground without him knowing it, and you think God doesn't have his eye on your life? He's watching over you."

He would point to the birds to prove that or he would contrast sometimes. "Do you see that big mountain? You can move it with faith the size of a mustard seed. If you would believe a little bit, you could do a lot." One time he wanted to show them how he was the Bread of Life, so he told the disciples to feed the people.

They said, "We can't." He said, "Exactly. But when you bring your 'I can't' to the one who is and was and is to come…" One time Jesus wanted to show how he was the resurrection, so he let Lazarus die. Why? He needed a prop. When he pointed to the tomb and said, "Lazarus, come forth," he was pointing to every dead thing in your life.

When the Word of God hits dead places, disappointed places… I feel dreams coming alive in the presence of God! It just makes me feel good that when the king came to see Elisha he used a prop. I want to read it in case you're new to the series. I really want to pull you in.

I want to do my best, whether you've just come in here or whether you've been here for the whole thing. It's always my aim to pull everybody in, whether you have the book of Philippians memorized or whether you dated a guy named Philip one time and it didn't go well.
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  1. Lucas
    21 February 2020 23:25
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    Excellent sermon