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Steven Furtick — The Struggle is the Same

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We all have things we have struggled with our whole lives. Pastor Steven preached this week on how we all share the same struggles, but we have a Savior who gives us His strength in our struggle
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  1. Eva
    22 October 2017 20:29
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    I am a cradle Catholic but my sister introduced me to Steven Furtik's messages while I was laid up after surgery and I cannot get enough I hAve so many struggles with our daughter and after watching this sermon I know we are not the only ones who are.
    Although the Haunted Heart is my favorite as it really speaks to me,
    I would love to attend one of Pastor Furticks sermons live and I know that will never happen but he would be someone I know I would be able to open up to and ask for prayer. Keep up the great work you do...God's blessings to all